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Professional and Reliable Hosting Services

Deep Sky Tech. offers complete services for all of your domain registration, domain hosting, web site hosting, FTP site hosting, and email hosting needs. Our hosting services are competitively priced and we maintain an unmatched level of customer and technical support. Every member of our staff is fully trained to keep your online services reliably available. Our technical resources are designed for full redundancy; from our network to our servers, every aspect is designed and continuously monitored for the utmost level of reliability and stability.

Basic hosting services at Deep Sky Tech. include the following:

  • Domain Registration
    If you want a domain, we'll check it's availability. If it is available, you only pay the universal registration price ($35) -- we'll register it and set it up for free.
  • Domain Hosting
    With your company's online image at stake, you should make sure your domain name includes your company name (www.yourbusiness.com ). Your potential clients may assume that your company isn't established if it doesn't have its own domain name. We are experienced and equipped to handle domain hosting.
  • Web Site Hosting
    In addition to hosting your domain name, we will host your web site as well. This means that your site resides on our fast and capacious servers.
  • FTP Site Hosting
    FTP access to your site means that you can maintain your files without
  • Email Hosting
    An email address like yourbusiness@hotmail.com looks very unprofessional. With Deep Sky hosting your web presence, you can have as many email accounts as you want (within reason). All of these accounts will have the format name@yourdomain.com.
  • Technical Support
    We offer free 24/7 technical support. As an extra perk, all of our support technicians speak English and are knowledgable about computers. Everybody who works at Deep Sky is a programmer, so you are assured a competent and helpful technician.
  • Free Extras
    • mailto
    • Monitoring Services
    • Web Traffic Analysis

The network, hardware, and software environment of any hosting service plays a large role towards reliability. Deep Sky Tech. strives towards 100% reliability in all of its services. That is why we provide consider all of the following environment factors in our hosting services vital to our are unmatched reputation:

  • Redundant Network Connectivity
    Deep Sky has six T1 lines. The use of multiple distinct lines ensures that our network -- and your site -- will always be fast and available.
  • Redundant Network Access Points
    We use three separate Tier 1 providers. This way, if one provider goes down we have an immediate and automatic backup available.
  • Redundant Network Switches
    Switched networks are much faster than unswitched networks. Just in case a switch fails, we have a backup.
  • Redundant Network Routers
    Routers are essential pieces of equipment - they basically determine where network traffic should be routed. Even our backup router is of the highest quality so that your site is never slow.
  • Redundant Servers
    If a computer goes down, your site goes down. Not only do we have multiple servers, but we have on-site backups to these servers.
  • Redundant UPS
    Nobody can afford to have a site down because of power outages or irregular electricity. We use a redundant Uninterrupted Power Supply system to ensure that our computers keep running through storms, line maintenence, and just about anything else that would otherwise compromise your site.
  • Regular Backups
    There is one thing we cannot protect against: human error. Just in case something unforeseeable happens, we back up data on a regular basis.
  • Secure, Climate Controlled Environment
    A warm or damp environment can significantly affect performance and computer life. For optimal performance, we make sure that our servers are kept in a cool, dry room.
  • and much, much more...
    Contact us at any time for more information on our web hosting capabilities and policies.

Our connection to the Internet is a large reason why our services are so reliable and sought after. We maintain multiple T-1 lines connected to different backdone (tier-1) providers. This assures the greatest degree of reliability and burstable bandwidth for all of our hosting customers.

If you are considering hosting your web site off of one of the low cost connectivity solutions recently becoming available (cable modem, DSL, etc.), consider the following posting to a popular web hosting mailing list before going any further (NOTE: Mr. Lippert is not a client of Deep Sky Tech. or associated with the company in any fashion):

Subject: Re: DSL
Date: 05/30/2000 16:29
Received: 05/30/2000 16:44
From: Kevin Lippert, lippert@papress.com

Our experience has been practically a disaster; we switched from a T1 to a DSL (Savvis of St. Louis is our ISP, but Northpoint maintains the circuit) and while things worked fine at first, our service started to degrade and one by one things stopped working. First up was WebStar 4.0 (people simply couldn't connect from the outside world), which I finally got to work by decreasing the Connections Buffer Size from 3500 to 1024. However, WebStar FTP still doesn't work (you connect but eventually time out), and running NetPresenz on the same machine doesn't work either.

Two months later, our mail servers were unable to transmit email (we were running EIMS, but I tried an NT-based server, and then SIMS, all with the same effect). I increased our bandwidth from 418 to 784 Kbs, with no effect. I wasted weeks on this, and finally---using OT Advanced Tuner and IPNetMonitor---was able to get this to work by reducing the TCP/IP MTU from 1500 to 1024. Our ISP has been sympathetic but can't explain the problem. They claim to be a "tier one" provider (doesn't everybody?) but from what I've read on dslreports.com, our symptoms might be explained by oversold or overtaxed circuitry.

Presumably if I tweak TCP/IP on our WebStar machine I can get FTP to work, but why should I be doing this in the first place?

The speed of a T1 at a fraction of the price: DSL sounded too good to be true: Our unhappy experience suggests that it might be.

For what it's worth,

Kevin Lippert


37 E. 7th St.
New York, NY 10003
tel 212.995.9620 x 203
fax 212.995.9454 fax

Contact us about details and pricing on the comprehensive hosting services Deep Sky Tech. offers and how we can help your business succeed in the online world.

Dedicate hosting services for full machine/CPU access is available similarly to the 4D hosting services. Details are available on the 4D Hosting page.

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