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Stuff ToolKit for 4D

Stuff ToolKit v1.1 is shipping

Stuff ToolKit is a 4th Dimension plug-in that provides procedural access to Aladdin Systems Stuffit Engine directly from within the 4th Dimension programming language. Stuff ToolKit is a replacement to Stuff4D, a defunct product originally published by Foresight Techonologies.

The current version of Stuff ToolKit is only available for the MacOS version of 4th Dimension, but a Windows version is expected in the near future.

For more information about Stuff ToolKit, please visit the 4D ToolKits web site.

Serial ToolKit Features

With Stuff ToolKit you can:

  • stuff and unstuff files using Stuffit, ZIP or BZip compression algorithms;
  • encrypt stuffed files;
  • verify stuffed and/or encrypted files;
  • mount and unmount disk images in several formats;
  • decompress other non Stuffit compressed files;
  • decode most encoded files;
  • and much more!

System Requirements

Operating System

Stuff ToolKit is compatible with all versions of 4D from v3.5 and above (v5.5 French).

The current version of Stuff ToolKit only works on Macintosh computer running System 7.5 and above.

A Windows version of Stuff ToolKit is under development. For more info, feel free to Contact Us at any time.

StuffIt Engine™ requirement

Stuff ToolKit comes in two versions: a "light" version which does not include the StuffIt Engine™, and a "Pro" version which includes the StuffIt Engine™.

Stuff ToolKit Light cannot run without the help of Stuffit Engine™ from Aladdin Systems, Inc. If Stuffit Engine™ is not installed on your computer, it is recommended to install one of Aladdin's products (like DropStuff™). This will install an unregistered version of Stuffit Engine™.

Stuff ToolKit Pro does not require Stuffit Engine™ be installed as the Stuffit Engine™ is integrated directly in the Stuff ToolKit Pro plugin.

Purchase Stuff ToolKit Now

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Stuff ToolKit. Purchases are secure and processed immediately for you to begin, or continue, your development today!

License Price
Stuff ToolKit Pro, 1 year; includes 50 Deployment $195.00 Buy Now
Stuff ToolKit Light, 1 year; includes 50 Deployment $95.00 Buy Now

If you have any questions about what licensing is required for your particular situation, feel free to visit the Contact Us page to reach the friendly sales representatives at Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

Download Stuff ToolKit v1.1 Now

Stuff ToolKit Licensing

Stuff ToolKit is using a new kind of "no-hassle" license

The licensing for Stuff ToolKit retains the good points in the classic "no-hassle" license and remove many, if not all, of the bad points.

Stuff ToolKit development licensing is based on a yearly subscription. A development license is purchased for one year and renewed every year which development continues. This covers, at least, the costs relating to technical support and all product maintenance and updates available during the subscription year.

Deployment licensing is also available for deployment of 4D based applications. Purchase of the development license includes 50 deployment licenses. For deployment of more than 50 installations of your 4D based application, additional development licenses can be purchased for increments of 50 additional deployments.

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