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Serial ToolKit for 4D

Serial ToolKit v1.0.3 is shipping

Serial ToolKit is a 4th Dimension plug-in which provides complete access to the serial port, a vast improvement over the native functionality available in 4D's programming language.

Serial ToolKit contains a dozen commands to completely manage local serial ports, including open connections, closing connections, port configuration, send and receiving data, and retrieving serial port parameter and configuration infomations.

The current version of Serial ToolKit is available for both the MacOS and Windows versions of 4th Dimension.

For more information about Serial ToolKit, you can also visit the 4D Toolkits web site.

Serial ToolKit Features

With Serial ToolKit you can:

  • get a list of available serial ports (including additional serial ports added by PCI or Nubus cards, USB adapters and PCMCIA cards);
  • open and configure a serial port (speed, parity, hand-shake, etc);
  • change the serial port buffer size;
  • send and receive information;
  • and much more!

System Requirements

Operating System

The current version of Serial ToolKit works on Macintosh computers running System 7.5 and above and Intel compatible computers running Windows 95/98/NT.

Purchase Serial ToolKit Now

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Serial ToolKit. Purchases are secure and processed immediately for you to begin, or continue, your development today!

License Price
Serial ToolKit, 1 Year; includes 50 Deployment $49.00 Buy Now

If you have any questions about what licensing is required for your particular situation, feel free to visit the Contact Us page to reach the friendly sales representatives at Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

Download Serial ToolKit Now

Serial ToolKit Licensing

Serial ToolKit is using a new kind of "no-hassle" license

The licensing for Serial ToolKit retains the good points in the classic "no-hassle" license and remove many, if not all, of the bad points.

Serial ToolKit development licensing is based on a yearly subscription. A development license is purchased for one year and renewed every year which development continues. This covers, at least, the costs relating to technical support and all product maintenance and updates available during the subscription year.

Deployment licensing is also available for deployment of 4D based applications. Purchase of the development license includes 50 deployment licenses. For deployment of more than 50 installations of your 4D based application, additional development licenses can be purchased for increments of 50 additional deployments.

Serial ToolKit licensing is cross-platform. You do not need to get a license for MacOS and a separate license for Windows. A single license covers both platforms!

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