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Internet ToolKit for 4D

ITK v2.6.1 is shipping

ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x is shipping with a lot of new features like SSL, cryptography, data compression and more! A total of 15 new commands have been added in ITK v2.5.0 and existing commands have also been enhanced to offer more control to the developers. ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x supports SSLv2, SSLv3 and TLSv1 thanks to the OpenSSL library which is used by major products like the SSL version of Apache, 4D v6.7.x, 4D v6.8.x, 4D v7.0.x (4D 2003.x), and 4D v8.0.x (4D 2004.x). ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x also includes new features like cryptography and data compression to allow protection of sensitive data and optimize bandwidth usage.

ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x is available under a new kind of license which is based on a yearly subscription with additionnal deployment licenses.

ITK v2.6.0 and above provides Mac OS X Carbon compatibility and bug fixes, including support for 4D v7.0.x (. Some existing ITK commands have been enhanced compared to v2.5.x.

The "light" binary package file (not to be confused with licensing for "ITK Light" can be used with both ITK Pro (with no stream limitation) and ITK Light license numbers (with the 8 streams limit). The "light" binary package is only provided to save disk space by removing unneeded cryptography and SSL code.

ITK v2.6.0 does not contain 68K code anymore. If you still need to use ITK on a 68K Macintosh, please contact Deep Sky's technical support.

Enhanced and new commands:

  • ITK_SSLSetCert now allows to set default certificate infos.
  • Added ITK_SSLSetCipher(streamRef; cipherlist) to allow to set the list of ciphers on an SSL stream. ITK_SSLSetCipher must be called alfter ITK_TCPListen and BEFORE ITK_SSLSetCert.
  • ITK_Text2HTML and ITK_HTML2Text now support the euro symbol (€).

Bug fixes:

  • ITK_BlobUnzip: a bug could occur because of a too small decompression buffer.
  • Expiration date was checked by mistake on SSL Server license numbers.
  • New parameter added in ITK_EncryptText, ITK_EncryptBlob, ITK_DecryptText end ITK_DecryptBlob to provide initial vectors (IV) values. Encryption routines where not working correctly when using modes other than ECB (due to missing initialization of IVs).
  • When using SSL under Windows, the negotiation could fail with some browsers. This is fixed.

Other changes:

  • OpenSSL libraries updated to OpenSSL v0.9.7e.
  • Windows OpenSSL integration changed to DLLs from directly within plugin.
  • Change of internal resource ID (15256 instead of 15000) to workaround a 4D Insider bug.
  • Better support of "soft line breaks" in ITK_Text2Quoted. This is activated if option is set to 2.
  • Several optimization in the SSL code should improve its speed.

For more information about Internet ToolKit (ITK), please visit the ITK Web Site.

Internet ToolKit v2.5.x/v2.6.x Features

  • Provides access to low-level TCP/IP using MacTCP, OpenTransport or Winsock;
  • Implements secured connections using SSLv2, SSLv3 or TLSv1 protocols;
  • Allows access to low-level UDP;
  • Supports GIF encoding with interlace, transparency and resize;
  • Convert data into standard Internet formats (text, pictures, files, dates);
  • Allows implementation of server replication over TCP/IP with 4D record and BLOB conversion routines;
  • Gives access to DNS (name to IP and IP to name, with DNS load balancing);
  • Uses standard crytography algorithms to protect data;
  • Uses data compression to reduce transmission times and optimize bandwidth usage;
  • Coding/decoding routines to handle UUENCODE, Quoted Printable and Base64;
  • Utilities commands including reading and saving pictures,opening files in read only, translation of BLOBs to pictures and vice versa;
  • Cryptography support: Digest and ROT13;
  • ICMP Echo: ping any host;
  • And much more!

ITK 2.5.x/v2.6.x Licensing

Internet ToolKit is using a new kind of "no-hassle" license

The new licensing for ITK v2.5.x retains the good points in the classic "no-hassle" license and remove many, if not all, of the bad points.

Internet ToolKit development licensing is based on a yearly subscription. A development license is purchased for one year and renewed every year which development continues. This covers, at least, the costs relating to technical support and all product maintenance and updates available during the subscription year.

Deployment licensing is also available for deployment of 4D based applications. Purchase of the development license includes 10 deployment licenses. For deployment of more than 10 installations of your 4D based application, additional deployment licenses are available at a reduced price.

Internet ToolKit licensing is now cross-platform. You do not need to get a license for MacOS and a separate license for Windows. A single license covers both platforms!


You develop your application alone and will deploy it on ten (10) machines: you simply need one developer subscription, which already includes ten (10) deployment licenses.

Your company contains two developpers working on your application, and will deploy it on 40 machines: you need two (2) developer subscriptions (one per developer), and need a 25 deployment license in addition to the ten (10) deployments included in each subscriptions (you will end up with 45 deployment licenses).

You are one (1) developer deploying five (5) SSL enabled servers. You will need one developer pro subscription and five (5) SSL server deployment licenses.

Purchase ITK Now

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. is an authorized distributor of Internet ToolKit. Purchases are secure and processed immediately for you to begin, or continue, your development today!

License Price
ITK Light, 1 Year; includes 10 Deployment
   (same for renewal purchases)
$225.00 Buy Now
ITK Pro, 1 Year; includes 10 Deployment
   includes TCP Deux, 1 Year, Developer's License
   (same for renewal purchases)
$395.00 Buy Now
ITK Light, 25 Deployment $225.00 Buy Now
ITK Light, 100 Deployment $675.00 Buy Now
ITK Pro, 25 Deployment $395.00 Buy Now
ITK Pro, 100 Deployment $1,185.00 Buy Now
ITK, SSL Server, 1 (for Development or Deployment)    $225.00 Buy Now
ITK, SSL Server, 10 (for Development or Deployment) $1,450.00 Buy Now

If you have any questions about what licensing is required for your particular situation, feel free to visit the Contact Us page to reach the friendly sales representatives at Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

Note: OEM, site and licensing requirements in excess of 100 deployments are also available. Contact the friendly sales representatives at Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., through the Contact Us page to go over your exact needs and to structure a licensing contract that will work best for your needs.

ITK Light, ITK Pro, and ITK SSL Server

What is the Difference?

The primary differences between ITK Light and ITK Pro involve primarily the number of streams allowed at any particular moment. As well, ITK Light has no SSL support, where ITK Pro supports SSL connections as a client; ITK SSL Server allows the use of ITK as a fully complient SSL server from directly within 4th Dimension.

ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x Light
ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x Pro
ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x SSL
Maximum Number of Streams
Support Connections as SSL Client
Support Connections as SSL Server
Type of Development Licensing
Renewed Yearly
Renewed Yearly
1 Per License Purchased, Development or Deployment
Deployment Licensing with Development Purchase
10 Included with Yearly Development License; then Additionnal Deployment Licensing Required

If you have any questions about what licensing is required for your particular situation, feel free to visit the Contact Us page to reach the friendly sales representatives at Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

Download ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x Now

The licensing schema for ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x gives you direct access to both platforms for the plugin. There are no longer separate licenses, serials numbers, or purchases to provide cross platform support within your 4D applications with ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x. The downloadable archives for ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x are provided in both Macintosh and Windows formats, for your convenience. Both formats though include copies of the ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x plugin ready for use on either platform.

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