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Features in the DynamicStructure plugin

DynamicStructure is compatible with the following 4D versions and operating systems:

  • 4D 6.7.x: version 6.7.2 minimum;
    • Mac OS 8.6 and Mac OS 9.x;
    • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP;
    • MacOS X in Classic mode.

  • 4D 6.8.x:
    • Mac OS 9.1 and above;
    • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP;
    • MacOS X

  • 4D 7.0.x (4D v2003.x):
    • Mac OS 9.1 and above;
    • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP;
    • MacOS X

DynamicStructure has the following standard features available on all platforms and in all configurations:

  • Methods
    • Get a list of project methods;
    • Create, rename, and open project methods;
    • Get and set the contents (the code!) of project methods;
    • Tokenize and execute tokenized 4D code;

  • Forms
    • Get a list of forms;
    • Duplicate forms;
    • Get and set events forms respond to;
    • Get and set form rulers, menubar, and methods (the code!);
    • Get full form properties (e.g. sizing, platform, spacing, etc.);

  • Tables and fields
    • Get and set table trigger states;
    • Set table names, deletion control, color, and position;
    • Set field names, type, color, properties, and attributes;

  • Menus
    • Get and set default window image;
    • Get and set menu titles, menu item titles, and associated project methods;

  • Database
    • Get and set all global database properties;
    • Get and reassign default methods (e.g. On Startup, On Web Connection, etc.);
    • Get and set style sheets and all properties of style sheets;
    • Get and set filters;

  • Misc.
    • Get all lists names;
    • Get and set user modifiability of lists;
    • Get list of components;
    • Get and set all object comments;
    • Get and set tips.

  • And much more!

New in v1.1.0 and v1.1.2

  • Bug Fixes:
    • ds_GetPluginNames stopped parsing active plugins when it reached a plugin with no name (typically a "stub" plugin);
    • ds_GetObjectMethodIDs and ds_GetObjectMethodIDs failed in parsing "old" forms (forms built with versions of 4D < v6) with a bad error number; now, in this case, those routines return error kUnknownFormFormat (-30315) or kAtLeastOneUnknownFormFormat (-30316); note that you can just open the form and force 4D to save it again, 4D will convert it to the v6 format;
    • ds_GetObjectComments did not always return the correct text if the comment contained styles.
    • ds_GetStyleSheets sometimes returned "garbage" when the chosen font was "System Font" or "Application Font".
    • ds_GetObjectMethodIDs did not return information about variables or fields included in a group, and did not differentiate between process and interprocess variables.

  • New Features:
    • ds_GetObjectComments and ds_SetObjectComments accept an additional parameter: a BLOB for the style of the comment, if there is one. This style can be used with 4D Write, via the clipboard.
    • ds_GetObjectMethodIDs accepts an additional optional parameter: an array (synchronized with previous ones) holding the number of the page where the variable/field is.
    • ds_SetStyleSheet: it is possible to set the style sheet to "System Font", "Application Font" or "Small System Font" using special chars under 6.7.
    • ds_GetStyleSheets and ds_SetStyleSheet accept additional parameters on Mac OS X and 4D 6.8 to use new stylesheets.

  • New Routines:
    • ds_GetPluginNames returns a list of every installed plugin, including ones in the Mac4DX or Win4DX folder.
    • ds_GetPluginRoutines returns a list of a plugin routines.
    • ds_GetFormObjectMethodIDs works similar to ds_GetObjectMethodIDs but limited to a single form.
    • ds_Preferences Allows the developer to change the behavior of DynamicStructure on slow computers.

  • Documentation Updates:
    • ds_TextToMethod and ds_MethodToText can not detokenize fields that are not prefixed by their table in form and object methods;
    • ds_Preferences can return current version of DynamicStructure plugin;
    • ds_GetFormInfos: minWidth, maxWidth, minHeight, and maxHeight parameters were inadvertently reversed in parts of the 1.0.0 documentation.
    • The pdf documentation has been indexed
    • Thanks to Art Wallace of Softworks AG, for building the HTML documentation.

oEd Explorer for Free

Every development license of DynamicStructure includes a free copy of oEd Explorer. oEd Explorer is a 4th Dimension component that provides a replacement for the native Explorer in the Design Environment. oEd Explorer organizes all methods, including database methods, project methods, form methods and object methods, into a fully hierarchical display for easier access. The organizational schema completely respects Insider groups and component structures for simpler reference and a greatly eased development environment in 4D. Learn about oEd Explorer here.

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