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DynamicStructure v1.1.2 is available

DynamicStructure is a plugin that lets 4D developers dynamically get and set properties and contents of objects in the structure.

It is a very powerful tool useful to all 4D developers. DynamicStructure allows for functionality never before possible in 4th Dimension, from automatic documentation to dynamic manipulation of objects. DynamicStructure covers a lot of features that can not be accessed currently with the 4D language or any other tool available to the 4D market.


Overview of DynamicStructure, basic functional listing, and release details.


Complete listing of features available with DynamicStructure.


Give us your comments and suggestions for DynamicStructure. The information you provide is what drives future versions of the DynamicStructure plugin!


Learn just how inexpensive all of the wonderful functionality in DynamicStructure is available to you for.


Downloads of DynamicStructure and related materials.

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