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Internet ToolKit for 4D

ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x is shipping with a lot of new features like SSL, cryptography, data compression and more! A total of 15 new commands have been added in ITK v2.5.0 and existing commands have also been enhanced to offer more control to the developers. ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x supports SSLv2, SSLv3 and TLSv1 thanks to the OpenSSL library which is used by major products like the SSL version of Apache, 4D v6.7.x, 4D v6.8.x, 4D v7.0.x (4D 2003.x), and 4D v8.0.x (4D 2004.x). ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x also includes new features like cryptography and data compression to allow protection of sensitive data and optimize bandwidth usage.

ITK v2.5.x/v2.6.x is available under a new kind of license which is based on a yearly subscription with additionnal deployment licenses.

ITK v2.6.0 and above provides Mac OS X Carbon compatibility and bug fixes, including support for 4D v7.0.x (. Some existing ITK commands have been enhanced compared to v2.5.x.

The "light" binary package file (not to be confused with licensing for "ITK Light" can be used with both ITK Pro (with no stream limitation) and ITK Light license numbers (with the 8 streams limit). The "light" binary package is only provided to save disk space by removing unneeded cryptography and SSL code.

ITK v2.6.0 does not contain 68K code anymore. If you still need to use ITK on a 68K Macintosh, please contact Deep Sky's technical support.

Enhanced and new commands:

  • ITK_SSLSetCert now allows to set default certificate infos.
  • Added ITK_SSLSetCipher(streamRef; cipherlist) to allow to set the list of ciphers on an SSL stream. ITK_SSLSetCipher must be called alfter ITK_TCPListen and BEFORE ITK_SSLSetCert.
  • ITK_Text2HTML and ITK_HTML2Text now support the euro symbol (€).

Bug fixes:

  • ITK_BlobUnzip: a bug could occur because of a too small decompression buffer.
  • Expiration date was checked by mistake on SSL Server license numbers.
  • New parameter added in ITK_EncryptText, ITK_EncryptBlob, ITK_DecryptText end ITK_DecryptBlob to provide initial vectors (IV) values. Encryption routines where not working correctly when using modes other than ECB (due to missing initialization of IVs).
  • When using SSL under Windows, the negotiation could fail with some browsers. This is fixed.

Other changes:

  • OpenSSL libraries updated to OpenSSL v0.9.7e.
  • Windows OpenSSL integration changed to DLLs from directly within plugin.
  • Change of internal resource ID (15256 instead of 15000) to workaround a 4D Insider bug.
  • Better support of "soft line breaks" in ITK_Text2Quoted. This is activated if option is set to 2.
  • Several optimization in the SSL code should improve its speed.


DynamicStructure v1.1.2 is shipping

DynamicStructure is a plugin that lets 4D developers dynamically get and set properties and contents of objects in the structure.

It is a very powerful tool useful to all 4D developers. DynamicStructure allows for functionality never before possible in 4th Dimension, from automatic documentation to dynamic manipulation of objects. DynamicStructure covers a lot of features that can not be accessed currently with the 4D language or any other tool available to the 4D market.

Serial ToolKit for 4D

Serial ToolKit v1.0.3 is shipping

Serial ToolKit is a 4th Dimension plugin which provides complete access to the serial port, a vast improvement over the native functionality available in 4D's programming language.

Serial ToolKit contains a dozen commands to completely manage local serial ports, including open connections, closing connections, port configuration, send and receiving data, and retrieving serial port parameter and configuration infomations.

The current version of Serial ToolKit is available for both the MacOS and Windows versions of 4th Dimension.

Stuff ToolKit for 4D

Stuff ToolKit v1.1 is shipping

Stuff ToolKit is a 4th Dimension plugin that provides procedural access to Aladdin Systems Stuffit Engine directly from within the 4th Dimension programming language. Stuff ToolKit is a replacement to Stuff4D, a defunct product originally published by Foresight Techonologies.

The current version of Stuff ToolKit is only available for the MacOS version of 4th Dimension, but a Windows version is expected in the near future.

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