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A New Magazine is Born!

Editions des Sources, the publisher of the French 4D technical magazine Planete 4D, announces the release of its newest technical magazine for 4D developers: Planet 4D. Planet 4D is the English printing of the highly technical and widely acclaimed Planete 4D magazine. Each issue of Planet 4D contains articles directed towards three different levels of skills for 4D developers:

  • "Getting Started" for novice developers;
  • "Mastering" for experienced developers;
  • "In-Depth", covering fundamental techniques of 4D.

Regular columns within Planet 4D include "Spotlight on a Command", "A Question of Style", "The Grumbler", and much, much more. No 4D technical publication contains more useful techniques as Planet 4D contains in every single issue.

Request a Free Abstract

A free abstract containing three articles is currently available. This abstract contains articles sampling each of the skill levels represented in actual articles available in every issue of Planet 4D:

  • Getting started: this article explains the concept of Boolean values;
  • Mastering: explains how wonderful wrapping is;
  • In-depth: goes deep inside 4D's indexing mechanism.

To request a your own free copy of the Planet 4D abstract, just fill in the following form:

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Planet 4D #1 is tentatively scheduled to mail February, 2002

You can subscribe to Planet 4D directly with Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Pre-subscribing now to Planet 4D allows you to reserve your subscription and your credit card will not be charged until the first issue is ready to print. We are so certain that you will be happy with the technical quality of Planet 4D that we are even allowing pre-subscribers to purchase only the first issue before deciding whether the extend their subscription to six or twelve issues. The following are the standard subscription options for this exciting new technical publication available directly for the 4D community:

Issues Price
Planet 4D, 12 Issues $296.10 Subscribe Now
Planet 4D, 6 Issues $170.10 Subscribe Now
Planet 4D, 1 Issue $34.20 Subscribe Now

Every issue of Planet 4D will be packed with information directly applicable to the 4D technical community. Each issue is filled with 15 to 20 articles spread across approximately 90 pages. A professional editorial and content board assures great accuracy in all of the technical information and professional layout and printing assures you of a quality publication in each and every issue.

Support this exciting new publication for the 4D community by subscribing today!

People Are Talking...

Developers everywhere are excited about Planet 4D being offered in English. For instance, read what Mr. David Adams, the author of Programming 4th Dimension, The 4D 6.5 Companion, and The 4D Web Companion has to say about Planet 4D:

Planet 4D has technical information that is not available from any other source. Highly recommended.

David Adams, Island Data Management
December 15th, 2001

Mr. Mark Mitchenall, the author of Expat4D and many other useful 4D developer tools, is also enthusiastic about Planet 4D becoming available for the English speaking 4D developer community:

I can understand some French, but I don't write or speak it too well. However, I still find reading the French edition gives me more information than I thought I'd get from it...

Having written a couple of articles for Planete 4D, I can honestly say that it has been a great experience working with some excellent developers and a great editorial team. Knowing that each article is meticulously checked by a number of experts (both technically and for spelling and grammatical errors) before going to publication is a great confidence booster.

One thing worth remembering is that France is probably 4D's second biggest market, accounting for a large proportion of 4D's revenue split and that many of these guys started using 4D two versions before us. That's a lot of expertise which because of the language barrier, we hear little about unless we subscribe to the French mailing list, 4D-forum. Planet 4D really helps bridge this gap by publishing useful information for every 4D developer, no matter what level.

I for one am really looking forward to seeing more of these articles in English. It may give me less of a reason to improve my French, that's a small sacrifice ;-)

Mark Mitchenall, mitchenall.com
December 17th, 2001

Mr. Eric Landmann, a well known 4D developer and partner based in Madison, Wisconsin, attended presentations from members of the Planete 4D editorial board:

They put on a great presentation at the Summit, the sample issue looked great. I'm in.

Eric Landmann, Landmann Interactive
December 15th, 2001

Mr. John Macrae, a popular 4D developer and instructor comments on his existing familiarity with the Planete 4D staff and efforts:

It is incredibly important that all developers are aware of the excellent quality of this publication.

John Macrae, Lamina Limited
December 16th, 2001

You can not afford to fall behind in your professional skills. Subscribe today!

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