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Support for Kiwize is available in a variety of forms. Of course, since support is provided on an "as available" basis, it is best to take advantage of all support venues available to answer your questions.

The most direct avenue of support is to email us directly. You can use the Contact Us section of our web site to retrieve all contact information for our different offices and personnel.

You can also use the Feedback forms directly on our web site to ask questions.

Making certain you always specify the product version, operating system, operating system version, and environmental and configuration factors regarding your question will help immeasurably in providing as prompt and complete support for your questions as reasonably possible.

EIMS-3PL Mailing List

Another wonderful avenue of support is the EIMS-3PL mailing list. This is where most product users meet and exchange ideas, and provide support for each other and our products.

The EIMS-3PL mailing list is for 3rd party suppliers, vendors, and customers of Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS). Also, the primary venue of support for all of the EIMS related products and filters available from Deep Sky Tech.

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