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Pricing and Availability

Kiwize has been released with a somewhat unique licensing policy.

Depending on the exact licensing option chosen for purchase, you will receive one or more serial numbers for using Kiwize. Each serial number is meant for deployment on a single machine running EIMS or EIMS X. Standard license purchases cover a full year of software updates including the normal usage of the software forever.

The serial number for each installation of Kiwize should be copied into the Kiwize preferences document. The default preferences document that is created by Kiwize when EIMS is first launched has the last parameter in the document for use with the serial number. Merely pasting the serial number into the preferences document is all that is required.

Each serial for Kiwize has an expiration date that is encrypted and encoded within it. This is the expiration date for the serial. Any and all versions of Kiwize released up to the expiration date of a serial can be used to enable the functionality of Kiwize. Once a particular version of Kiwize is enabled with a valid serial, regardless whether the serial number is actually expired or not, will allow the particular version of Kiwize to operate forever without any further license upgrades or purchases required.

If future versions of Kiwize, versions released after the expiration of your particular serial, want to be used, an upgrade purchase of the Kiwize license is required. Upgrades to Kiwize licenses are always available from Deep Sky Tech. at a reduced price when the licensing is kept continuously current.

On average, for the foreseeable future, a new release of Kiwize should be available approximately once a calendar quarter. As with any software development, this obviously may change as circumstances may dictate.

Keeping Deep Sky Tech. informed as to the features and functionality you would like to see in future versions of Kiwize is the single best way to promote the continued use and support of the product. Please see the Deep Sky Tech. web site for information about current and future releases of the Kiwize filter.

The pricing for the different options available for purchasing Kiwize are as follows:

License Price
Kiwize, 2 CPU License $50.00 Buy Now
Kiwize, 2 CPU License, Renewal $25.00 Buy Now
Kiwize, 5 CPU License $100.00 Buy Now
Kiwize, 5 CPU License, Renewal $50.00 Buy Now
Kiwize, 10 CPU License $200.00 Buy Now
Kiwize, 10 CPU License, Renewal $100.00 Buy Now

All prices are in US dollars. No licenses may be resold or assigned to anyone but the original purchaser.

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