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Make Rule, Kiwize v1.0.0 and above

This simple tool provides a way for a rule for Kiwize v1.0.0 and above to be created. The form includes all of the options available in the current release of Kiwize and will generate a Kiwize rule when submitted. The Kiwize rule line can then be copied and pasted into your Kiwize Rules document running with EIMS.

Though this form does allow you to create rules for Kiwize which are not valid, every reasonable attempt to warn of invalid parameter combinations have been made. When an invalid combination of values have been submitted and detected, the page will warn you of the condition while still providing the rule formatted with the parameter values chosen.

Rule Name
Matching Criteria
Match Item
Match Operator
Match String
Check Authenticated Users
Max Byte Limit
Actions When Conditions Matched
Action Parameter 01


Substitutions are allowed in the Action Parameter 01 values. The substitution values will be used from each individual email during execution of Kiwize to produce the end value to use in each rule in Kiwize. These substitution values must be entered exactly as listed (leading percentage sign followed by two lowercase alphanumeric values).

%hi HELO/EHLO identifier as specified by remote host
%rn Rule Name
%ip Dotted IP of remote host
%fu MAIL FROM username
%fd MAIL FROM domain name
%fe MAIL FROM full email address
%ru RCPT TO username (first recipient only)
%rd RCPT TO domain name (first recipient only)
%bt Calculate number of bytes for limit in current rule
%ss Actual Max Byte Limit value string as existing in current rule
%sz Actual message size in bytes of current email being processed
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