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Drain0 Description

Drain0 is a filter for Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS and EIMS X) to manage cleaning of any email containing stray linefeeds (LFs), stray carriage returns (CRs), and NULL bytes. Drain0 preferences allow the EIMS email administrator to control exactly what happens with emails containing stray linefeeds or NULL bytes. They can be individually allow through or the offending bytes within the email can be substituted with different byte values. The preferences for Drain0 allow the email administrator to even specify what byte value to substitute into the email (space, ASCII 32, is the recommended value to substitute).

We Want Your Suggestions

Please let us know what features and functionality you would like to see included in Drain0. The functionality available serves its purpose very well. Though we do have a few ideas for additional functionality to add, it is always helpful and much appreciated to have feedback from customers about what can be added to fulfill your needs.

Like all products from Deep Sky Tech., functionality is available in a format that allows the maximum amount of customizability for use in your situations. Every email administrator has different needs and requirements; every mail server requires different and unique requirements to make a server and network as optimal as you require. You can see from the following features, Drain0 allows you to customize as much as possible in the filter to fulfill your needs for your unique situation. Control of your products and services is the goal of all products you use from Deep Sky Tech.

Features and options in Drain0

  • Discrete management of stray linefeeds, stray carriage returns, and NULL bytes;
  • Settable substitution values for each content scanned problem byte;
  • Exceptions for BINARYMIME formatted SMTP transactions;
  • Fasting possible direct memory operations for rewriting email content;
  • EIMS Error Log entries made whenever substitutions are made;
  • Support for standard and custom DNS (IP) Exclusions document;
  • Does not interrupt operation of EIMS;
  • Compatibility with Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X;
  • Compatibility with EIMS and EIMS X;
  • Email notification of error conditions.

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