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Coming Soon

Plans for Drain0 v1.0.1
Released September 20th

The next version of Drain0 is already under development. Tentatively, this next release should be available as version 1.0.1. Current plans are to have this release available later in September of 2005.

As usual, purchasers of Drain0 that have a valid license covering the release date of the next version will receive the upgrade, and new functionality, for free.

The next release of Drain0 is going to include the following functionality:

  • Automatic EIMS Error Log entry to notify of rewritten emails;
  • Support for stray CR as an invalid to handle;

Plans for Drain0 v1.1.0

We are not certain of a release date yet for v1.1.0, though we do not expect it to be much after the previously noted release. This means probably some time in October we can then look at delivering Drain v1.1.0, with the following additional functionality:

  • Additional action(s) to take on invalid bytes (e.g. refusal);
  • Log entry format preference(s) with standard SMTP transaction substitutions;
  • Support for byte removal and/or multi-bytes substitutions in DATA;
  • And maybe some other surprises...

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