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EIMS Administrators Everywhere are Talking

Feedback from EIMS administrators drives much of the functionality provided in Denes. In looking at the problems administrators have in working with email within EIMS, Deep Sky Tech. provides tools that help make the job of administering EIMS installations that much easier. The following comments are just a small example of the feedback provided by EIMS administrators that have implemented Denes:

Denes is totally killer, and the response seems faster then just with the raw filters. Have to play with it some more, but the initial response is totally positive. I'm sold ..... purchasing when available....

Rob Forest, MMI ProServ Inc.
November 5th, 2004

Got Denes configured and it's working great! Thanks!

Christopher Jett, Jett Fuel Productions
December 3rd, 2004

Already bought Denes and Reduplicator and Athenaeums!!... So that's great news, thanks! You folks produce GREAT, much-needed software for EIMS - thanks!

Derek Tom, IT Director, Asia, BBDO Asia Pacific
December 15th, 2004

I just wanted to say thanks for the Denes Filter. I have made 10's of changes to the settings today, never once restarting EIMS, never once figuring out what res edit is. The ability to put rules in test is amazing. Thanks again.

Scott Haneda, newgeo.com
December 30th, 2004

I bought Denes for my server as well as those of my clients (all told 4 EIMS installs). I'm seeing mostly Denes in the logs as it catches a lot of stuff before STF or any other filter. I forgot to update my server to the Denes release version as well as my paid for serial number and when it expired on Jan 1, I saw a lot of spam suddenly get through. One of the best purchases I made in 2004, and not all that pricey.

Jonathan A. Duke, Duke Desktop
January 3rd, 2005

I've implemented Denes now. After reviewing all the posts and documentation, it makes a lot more sense to me and seems like it'll be a great addition and replacement for Glenn's DNSbl filters.

John May, Point in Space
January 9th, 2005

I have also just activated the BONDEDSENDER whitelist as [...] suggested - thanks! The dynamic reloading of rules and prefs in Denes (and STF) is just really nice!

Derek Tom, IT Director, Asia, BBDO Asia Pacific
January 15th, 2004

Denes is working GREAT!

John May, Point in Space
January 21st, 2005

I LOVE Denes!

Christopher Jett, Jett Fuel Productions
January 28th, 2005

[Deep Sky Tech.] will be releasing public beta later today [of Denes v1.1.0] and as a tester I can tell you it ROCKS. Denes has a rule structure now that allows you to do amazing things. I'll be posting these rules for winnow users late today.

Tom Shaw - OITC
March 9th, 2005

Note from a satisfied customer. I wanted to let you know that the Denes filter is doing exactly what I hoped it would do: 1) Allow me to reduce the number of plug-in filters we were using, 2) Accelerate the processing of server filtering, 3) Improve the quality of our filtering, 4) Give me more control over the filtering process and interaction with filtering technology. Thank you!!!

Stanton Bond
March 10th, 2005

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