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Cool Rules


The power and flexibility of Denes has lent greatly to it immediate success as a tool for EIMS administrators around the world. With all of this flexibility though comes a great number of options that administrators can choose from for their EIMS installations. And, with all of the power of Denes, it important to understand how different rules within Denes may impact the functionality of SMTP services within EIMS.

Cool Rules allow you to see real rules that make Denes function in real world production environments. Each rule presented here has a short description of what the rule does specifically. And, each rule is presented with a list of any shortcomings that may exist by implementing such a rule in a particular installation of EIMS.

Rules are categorized into three sections. The categorization is based on the skill and knowledge level required to understand what the rules do and how best to implement them in a particular EIMS installation. As a learning tool for using Denes, it is best to understand all of the rules and options in any single category before moving on the working with the rules in any successive category.

Submit Rule

The best way to see this list of rules grow is to submit your own rules that you have found to be useful with Denes. The following form allows you to do that. Remember, most rules come in pairs to include the error log entry rule. Please do include your error log entry line, as appropriate, with any rules you submit. And, do know, any domain specific parameters in submitted rules will be substituted so posted rules are as generic as possible.

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