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Denes v1.1.3 is now available

Denes is an EIMS filter for taking actions on email based on DNS lookups using custom rules and criteria. Denes allows email to be accepted or denied based on DNS lookups, making full support for DNS based black lists and white lists available in a single filter; there is even a simple test mode to log DNS lookups without actually denying or accepting email. Denes is known to be compatible with EIMS v3.2.0 and above, though it may very well be compatible with EIMS v3.0.0 and above; no direct testing for compatibility with these older versions of EIMS has been done at this time. There are no expectations that Denes is compatible with versions of EIMS before EIMS v3.0.0 at all.

There is a Mac OS 9 version and a Mac OS X version of the Denes filter. These are entitled Denes and Denes X, respectively. Both builds of the Denes filter are available in the single download archive available from this web site.

When the Denes filter is first installed and EIMS is first launched, the filter will create a preferences documents (entitled Denes_Preferences.txt). This preferences document contains default settings for options in the Denes filter. The contents of the preferences document has full documentation for each setting. A complete description of every preference for the Denes filter is included in the Denes PDF manual.

The Denes rules document stores the actual rules, conditions and criteria basically, by which the Denes filter will use to determine whether any particular email will be archived. It also contains the location of the Denes rules document to use to manage the actions taken by the Denes filter.

The most convenient feature of the Denes rules document is that it dynamically reloads after any changes made in it. This means, Denes rules can be added, modified, and/or deleted without having to quit EIMS and launch it again. When any changes to the rules document are detected, Denes will reload the rules for subsequent use in the filter.

The Denes rules document has a set format documented in the full PDF manual. A sample Denes rules document is included within the Denes archive that shows what this format is. This sample rules document also includes example rules that may be useful in your use of the Denes filter. The writing of Denes rules is the key to taking full advantage of the Denes filter, and we have made the condition and format for writing rules as simple as possible while still maintaining as much flexibility as possible in configuration options.

Please let us know what features and functionality you would like to see included in Denes. The functionality available serves its purpose very well. Though we do have quite a few ideas for additional functionality to add, it is always helpful and much appreciated to have feedback from customers about what can be added to fulfill your needs.

Any problems you might encounter with the Denes filter, please let us know about it immediately by clicking on the Feedback link.


Overview of Denes, basic functional listing, and release details.


Complete listing of features available in Denes.


Read what other users and email administrators have to say about Denes and how Denes has helped in their EIMS installations.

Make Rule

Use the online interface to automate the process of generating rules for Denes. An interface exists for creating rules for all different versions of Denes. There is even an online tool for automatically upgrading your rules document to be compatible with the format required in the latest release of Denes.

Cool Rules

Cool Rules allow you to see real rules that make Denes function in real world production environments. Each rule presented here has a short description of what the rule does specifically. And, each rule is presented with a list of any shortcomings that may exist by implementing such a rule in a particular installation of EIMS.

Coming Soon

See what new features are planned for the next version of Denes.


Give us your comments and suggestions for Denes.


Learn about support options available for users of Denes.


Learn just how much all of the wonderful functionality of Denes will cost you (probably less than your dinner this evening).


Download the latest release of Denes and any previous releases of the Denes filter.

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