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Excellent product. Saves so much time.

Dominik Klopfer
January 17th, 2005

You folks produce GREAT, much needed software for EIMS - thanks!

Derek Tom
December 15th, 2004

Get the Athenaeums plugin. You'll be a happy camper... Love the plugin for EIMS.

Miles, MagicMiles Software
July 28th, 2004

I also recommend investing in the Athenaeums filter. It saves the logs every day at 12:00 AM in case you need to go back in time to research a problem. Very helpful.

Greg Lentz, Marin Academy
April 8th, 2004

Works great. Simple and effective logfile management for EIMS. I haven't had any problems since the early beta.

Scott Bowman, Insync Media
September 2nd, 2003

There has been a TON of data about our email server that just 'rolled off the top'. Stuff we really need to know. Athenaeums allows us to keep a history of any problems and allows us to answers questions [even] a few days [or more] after someone complains about a lost email.

Michael Ginsberg, MDG Computer Services, Inc.
September 2nd, 2003

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