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We Want Your Suggestions

Please let us know what features and functionality you would like to see included in Athenaeums. The functionality available serves its purpose very well. Though we do have quite a few ideas for additional functionality to add, it is always helpful and much appreciated to have feedback from customers about what can be added to fulfill your needs.

Features in Athenaeums

  • Full, discrete support for all EIMS log documents, including:
    • Error Log;
    • Mail Log;
    • Sending Error Log;
    • Console Log;
  • Does not interrupt operation of EIMS;
  • No quitting of EIMS application required;
  • Daily archives of each separate log document;
  • Hierarchical archiving of log documents by date;
  • Compression options for archived logs;
  • Email attachment options for rolled logs;
  • Compress rolled logs options when emailing;
  • Compatibility with Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X;
  • Compatibility with EIMS and EIMS X;
  • Customizable archive target directories;
  • Custom archived document names;
  • Customizable hierarchical archiving directories;
  • Settable archive document creator and document types;
  • Email notifications of archive actions;
  • Email notification of error conditions;
  • Maintenance of archived log document statistics (Size Log);
  • Control of notification manager alerts in preferences;
  • Dynamic reloading of modified preferences;
  • Set group name of archived documents under Mac OS X;
  • Set full permissions for archived documents under Mac OS X;
  • Automatic update notifications controlled with preferences;
  • Fully capable demo mode.

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