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Athenaeums v1.5.0 is now available

Athenaeums is an EIMS filter for archiving of standard EIMS log documents, specifically the error log, mail log, sending error log, and console log documents. It is known to be compatible with EIMS v3.2.0 and above, though it may very well be compatible with EIMS v3.0.0 and above; no direct testing for compatibility with these older versions of EIMS has been done at this time. There are no expectations that Athenaeums is compatible with versions of EIMS before EIMS v3.0.0 at all.

There is a Mac OS 9 version and a Mac OS X version of the Athenaeums filter. These are entitled Athenaeums and Athenaeums X, respectively. Both builds of the Athenaeums filter are available in the single download archive which contains this manual.

When the Athenaeums filter is first installed and EIMS is first launched, the filter will create a preferences documents (entitled Athenaeums_Preferences.txt). This preferences document contains default settings for options in the Athenaeums filter. The contents of the preferences document has full documentation for each setting. A complete description of every preference for the Athenaeums filter is included in the Athenaeums PDF manual.

Every night at midnight, the Athenaeums filter will make copies of the log documents maintained by EIMS and set to be archived by Athenaeums. This is done without quitting EIMS or any interruption of EIMS operations. These copies will be placed into directories specified for each type of log document.

Full options are available for archiving the different types of EIMS log documents in either a flat folder storage or in a hierarchical folder storage. Hierarchical folder storage for archived log documents allow for direct organization of archived EIMS log documents by year and month. There are even options available to compress the rolled log documents directly before storage on disk.

Email notification of EIMS archive activity is available, as well. This includes full customization for the contents, subject, and recipient of the archival notification email. Notification emails contain the full document names of archived EIMS log documents and the the number of kilobytes of each archived EIMS log document. Optionally, the rolled log documents can even be included in the email notifications, either as raw text documents or compressed.

Please let us know what features and functionality you would like to see included in Athenaeums. The functionality available serves its purpose very well. Though we do have quite a few ideas for additional functionality to add, it is always helpful and much appreciated to have feedback from customers about what can be added to fulfill your needs.

Any problems you might encounter with the Athenaeums filter, please let us know about it immediately by clicking on the Feedback link.


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