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Licensing Provisions for TCP Deux Pro

TCP Deux Professional is licensed on a per application basis. Source code for the TCP Deux component is provided for use in a single 4th Dimension based application. To use any or all of the TCP Deux Pro code in additional 4D based applications, additional TCP Deux Pro licenses are required.

Licenses for TCP Deux Professional extend for a single year. All versions of TCP Deux Pro made available over the effective year of the license agreement are made available to the licensee. The release of new versions of TCP Deux Professional coorespond directly with new releases of the TCP Deux component.

Renewing existing TCP Deux Professional licenses are available at approximately 50% the cost of the initial license. Both initial licensing and renewal licensing for TCP Deux Professional can be purchased directly online. Quantity discounts for licensing TCP Deux Pro are available by contacting Deep Sky Tech., Inc., directly.

After purchasing the license for TCP Deux Professional, download the license agreement. It is available, below, in convenient PDF format.

Please print two copies the TCP Deux Professional License Agreement for each license you are purchasing (one license is needed for each 4D based application you will be deploying with TCP Deux Pro). The final page of the agreement contains the signatory section and must be completed in full on both copies of the printed license agreement. Then mail both copies to Deep Sky Tech., Inc., at the following address:

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 6897
Vero Beach, FL 32961-6897

Deep Sky Tech., Inc., will execute your license agreement for TCP Deux Professional upon receipt of the documents and one copy will be returned for your permanent records.

Once your payment has been confirmed and both copies of the fully executed License Agreement have been received at Deep Sky Tech., Inc., your license for TCP Deux Pro will be effective. At that time, you will be provided with access to TCP Deux Pro and all associated documents and source related to such.

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