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SMTP Client Deux


SMTP Client Deux v1.2.0 is available

SMTP Client Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a complete implementation of the SMTP protocol. SMTP Client Deux works on top of the commercial TCP Deux 4D component, also available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

With the SMTP Client Deux component, a 4th Dimension developer has complete implementation of the SMTP protocol from within 4D. The protocol relies on the TCP Deux component for all TCP communication needs, thereby removing any reliance on current or future TCP plugins which are available for use in 4D. The implementation of SMTP within the SMTP Client Deux component also eliminates long bugs and anomalies that have existed in plugin implementations of the SMTP protocol.

The single greatest feature of SMTP Client Deux is that it does not use the SMTP layer within 4D Internet Commands. Over the years, many developers have encountered different bugs and anomalies within the SMTP implementation of 4D Internet Commands. SMTP Client Deux uses the routines within the TCP Deux component package for all TCP communications, which themselves only use the TCP layer within 4D Internet Commands when that plugin is in use. So, most if not all errors which 4D developers experience when sending email with 4D Internet Commands are removed when using SMTP Client Deux.

As well, SMTP Client Deux provides a full and complete implementation of the SMTP protocol. So, for those developers using either version of Internet ToolKit and experiencing difficulty setting up their own email sending routines, there is no longer any need to go through this hassle. SMTP Client Deux provides you with successive email sending routines so that you can choose the implementation that works best for your email sending needs.

SMTP Client Deux includes full compatibility with SMTP AUTH, authenticated login for SMTP servers. When enabled, SMTP Client Deux will choose the most secure means supported by the SMTP server to login. This includes CRAM-MD5, NTLM, Login, and Plain SMTP AUTH mechanisms. SMTP Client Deux is the only solution currently available for 4D developers that has full support for SMTP AUTH.

A full manual, explaining every call and feature available in SMTP Client Deux, is included with the component.


Overview of SMTP Client Deux, basic functional listing, and release details.


Complete listing of features available with SMTP Client Deux.


Feedback, comments, and recommendations from 4D developers worldwide.


4th Dimension v6.8.x, 4th Dimension v7.0.x (4D 2003) and MacOS X compatibility information for SMTP Client Deux.


Download a demonstration database using SMTP Client Deux. The demo is fully open source so you can see exactly how the SMTP Client Deux component is used to leverage your daily development efforts in 4D.


Give us your comments and suggestions for SMTP Client Deux. The information you provide is what drives future versions of the SMTP Client Deux component!


Download and try out the beta version of the next release of the SMTP Client Deux component.


Learn just how expensive all of the wonderful functionality in SMTP Client Deux will cost you.


Downloads of SMTP Client Deux and related materials.

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