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TCP Server Deux

TCP Deux v1.0.0 is shipping

TCP Server Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a cross-platform, flexible TCP level server. TCP Server Deux allows 4D developers to run one or more higher level protocol servers in a single 4D database without have to code for multiple listeners, threading, messaging, or many of the other functional elements that often complicate custom servers in 4th Dimension. TCP Server Deux works on top of TCP Deux and BASh and works with Internet ToolKit v2.0.x and Internet ToolKit v2.5.x. Now compatible with 4D v6.8.x, as well!

With TCP Server Deux, a 4th Dimension developer can easily develop a server available through multiple protocols. For instance, having a Domain Name Server with an integrated web interface is a simple matter; the same is true of an email server, available through both SMTP and POP3, with a HTTP interface over a custom port for administering the settings and accounts in the email server. TCP Server Deux handles all of the listeners, threading, multiple processes, and communications necessary in a custom server written in 4D. By handling all of these issues as a TCP server, and with suitable hooks available for processing of requests and setting responses, it is then a simple matter to merely write parsers for higher level protocols that reside on the TCP layer.

TCP Server Deux works with other components already available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. The TCP Deux component is used for all TCP level access within the TCP Server Deux component. And, of course, the BASh component is used by TCP Server Deux for a lot of the basic functionality available within the server component.

TCP Server Deux does require a robust TCP plugin for access to the TCP communication layer from within 4th Dimension. Though TCP Deux does provide compatibility with 4D Internet Commands, unfortunately 4D IC does not provide a robust, and asynchronous, TCP listener routine. Because of this, TCP Server Deux only works with Internet ToolKit (ITK) v2.0.x and v2.5.x. If used with ITK v2.5.x in conjunction with an ITK SSL Server license, full access to the SSL layer is available for all functionality within TCP Server Deux.

A full manual, explaining every call and feature available in TCP Server Deux, is included with the component.


TCP Server Deux works on top of the TCP Deux component. TCP Deux provides completely transparent operation with 4D Internet Commands v6.7.x, Internet ToolKit v2.0.x, and Internet ToolKit v2.5.x. However, because TCP Server Deux needs robust, asynchronous TCP listeners, only ITK 2.0.x or ITK 2.5.x will function correctly with TCP Server Deux.

The TCP Server Deux and TCP Deux components require that the BASh component also be installed to operate properly. BASh is available for free from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., and provides essential routines useful to all 4D programmers.

TCP Server Deux requires that you use TCP Deux v1.1.0 or above and BASh v1.7.0 or above. You can get the latest copies of all required components from the downloads page.

TCP Server Deux Professional

So, you don't like the idea of not having access to the source code? Or, do you have a client that demands full source for all tools that you use in their 4th Dimension based product? Maybe you just like the feeling of extra protection in knowing that you have the full source for your 4D based applications.

TCP Server Deux Professional is for you! TCP Server Deux Pro is a full source code licensing option for the TCP Server Deux component. Unlike the TCP Server Deux component, though, licensing for TCP Server Deux Pro is subscription based. The pricing for TCP Server Deux Pro is targetted particularly for the professional 4D developer or client that requires full source access within their 4th Dimension based systems.

For more information about TCP Server Deux Professional and purchasing and licensing options, click here.

Pricing and Availability

TCP Server Deux has been released with separate development and deployment licensing. Development licensing includes all updates released within a year of purchase for free and allows for unlimited development by a single developer for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Renewals of the development license will be provided at a discounted price. Deployment licensing is a one time fee per application which allows deployments to run indefinitely.

The pricing for the different options available for purchasing TCP Server Deux are as follows:

License Price
Developer, 1 year (includes 1 deployment) $195.00 Buy Now
Developer, 1 year extension $95.00 Buy Now
Deployment, 1 pack $195.00 Buy Now
Deployment, 5 pack $795.00 Buy Now
Deployment, 10 pack $1295.00 Buy Now

All prices are in US dollars.

For deployment licensing in excess of 10, contact Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., directly for discounted pricing fit your exact needs. We are always open to working with other developers to provide hassle free, volume licensing for vertical market applications that provides the best possible advantages to all parties.

Download TCP Server Deux Now

The licensing schema for TCP Server Deux gives you direct access to both platforms for the component. The downloadable archives for TCP Server Deux are provided in both Macintosh and Windows formats, for your convenience. Both formats though include copies of the TCP Server Deux component ready for use on either platform.

 TCP Server Deux Demo v1.0.0  - This demo provides a very simple web server using only TCP Server Deux. All web requests are responded to with a very simple bounce page containing information from the request header. As well, the Time Log functionality available in the TCP Server Deux component is enabled, showing how simple response time and diagnostic data is to collect using the TCP Server Deux component. This acts as a very simple example of setting up and using the TCP Server Deux component.

Demo last modified on March 22nd, 2002

4D v6.8.x and MacOS X Compatibility

 TCP Server Deux v1.0.0 - The latest beta of this component is available for both 4D v6.7.x and 4D v6.8.x.

The TCP Server Deux component has been fully carbonized. The current released version supports the carbonzied version of 4D, version 6.8.x. This provides seemless and transparent support for all of your 4th Dimension based applications on MacOS 8/9, MacOS X, and Windows 98/2000/XP/NT.

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What Do I Need?

All of the 4D components available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., function in tandem with each other. The functionality that any particular component provides can be dependent upon the functionality of one or more other components and/or plugins. This is particularly true of the Internet related components.

For the Internet related components, TCP Deux is the base, or "lowest", level component which is always required. TCP Deux, along with the utilities within the BASh component and one of the compatible TCP plugins (e.g. Internet Commands v6.7.x, Internet ToolKit v2.0.x, or Internet ToolKit v2.5.x), form what is called the Core Components & Plugins. All other Internet related components work in conjunction with all of the individual parts of this group of development tools.

TCP Server Deux forms the basis for the Server Components group. All server related components require similar threading, processing management, and stream management that is available in TCP Server Deux. All of the base hooks needed to provide a robust, custom server in 4D are available within the TCP Server Deux component.

Some components or groups of components have particular requirements to function properly. These are indicated in the graphic, below, by the green numbers; a legend below the graphic describes the particular requirements of each mark. For servers, either version of ITK is compatible; but, Internet Commands is not compatible with any components in the Server group as IC lacks the necessary asynchronous TCP listening capability required of a robust, custom server written in 4D. For any server to include a secure layer, ITK v2.5.x is required with an ITK SSL Server license.

For any component available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., it is simple to determine what other components and plugins are required. Find the particular component you meed in the image, below. Following the arrows, all tools which lay "below" it are required for development and deployment of your 4D based systems.

1 Requires Internet ToolKit v2.0.x or Internet ToolKit v2.5.x plugin
2 Requires Internet ToolKit Pro v2.5.x plugin
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