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CODEC v1.0.1 is shipping

CODEC is a 4th Dimension component which provides MD5 digest creation routines for 4th Dimension programmers.

CODEC is a subset of functions available already in the BASh 4D component, also available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. In keeping with the tradition of offering high quality developer tools and services, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., has made the CODEC component available for free to the developer community.

The CODEC component consists of two methods for the creation of MD5 digests:

  • CODEC_Encode_MD5_x creates a properly formatted MD5 digest directly from a supplied 4D text value.
  • CODEC_Encode_MD5_z creates a properly formatted MD5 digest directly from a referenced 4D BLOB value.

Both methods are immediately available for use upon installing the CODEC component. No plugins, external documents, or initialization is needed to begin using the methods. And, all of the code in the CODEC component is set up to handle even the most stringent 4D Compiler settings (e.g. All Variables are Typed).

Download CODEC Now

The CODEC component is officially released as peepware. For those unfamiliar with peepware, it is similar to postcardware except that Marshmallow Peeps (more information about Marshmallow Peeps available at http://www.marshmallowpeeps.com/) are requested from those developers that find the CODEC component to be useful in their 4th Dimension projects.

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