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eTrans v1.1.0 is available

eTrans is a 4th Dimension component which provides a simple, consistent interface to online credit card authorization service providers. Using eTrans, 4th Dimension developers can build credit card authorization services into their 4D databases in a few minutes (not including the time necessary to set up a merchant account with the appropriate service provider).

Using eTrans, a 4D developer can create a transaction with a single method, add any desired information to that transaction, and process it with another method call. The only thing left to do is parse and store the transaction results! BASh (which is required for all of the components) provides many parsing routines to make that job easy for the developer as well.

In addition, eTrans supports both credit card and eCheck transactions through the Authorize.Net and PlanetPayment services.

The exchange rate API available from PlanetPayment and WorldPay, and fully supported in eTrans, are particularly useful. With these APIs, it is a simple matter for a developer to integrate up to date exchange rates for all financial transactions in 4D applications. No other developer tool provides this level of functionality within 4th Dimension.

CVV2 codes are now supported with AuthorizeNet and PlanetPayment. Recent additions to the API for these gateways (moving from v3.0 to v3.1) make full support of CVV2 codes for all transactions possible now in eTrans. This can significantly reduce transaction fees, especially for "card in presence" transactions (check your merchant account agreement for details on CVV2 codes).

Currently, eTrans supports the following online credit card authorization services:

eTrans also runs in demo mode for testing and evaluation by developers. When in demo mode, the eTrans component is fully functional for 60 minutes within a 4D database application.

A full manual, explaining every call and feature available in eTrans, is included with the component.


Overview of eTrans, basic functional listing, and release details.


Complete listing of features available with eTrans.


4th Dimension v6.8.x and MacOS X compatibility information for eTrans.

Order Now

Full pricing and ordering links for eTrans.


Downloads of eTrans and related materials.


Hardware and software requirements for using eTrans.

What Do I Need?

Full description of interaction of Deep Sky's products as it relates to eTrans.

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