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Features in the BASh component

The BASh component consists of many different modules of methods which provide extensive utility services in 4th Dimension applications. The list of modules currently available in the BASh component is:

  • ARR - Array sizing, management, and manipulation methods;
  • BLOB - BLOB management and manipulation methods;
  • CODEC - encoding and decoding support for common formats;
  • CONV - conversion methods to handle data and type conversions;
  • CRYPT - encryption and decryption routines;
  • DATE - provides basic date manipulation routines;
  • DSS - Dynamic Stack Space; reusable variable management system;
  • DTS - Date-Time Stamps; generation and manipulation methods;
  • ENV - environmental information (program, OS, CPU, etc.);
  • FILE - path and file name utilities;
  • FMAP - file mapping for document types, creator and type codes, and MIME types;

  • IB - management and manipulation of indexed BLOBs;
  • INIT - module and component initialization;
  • INT - interruption manager;
  • NULL - Variable clearing and initialization methods;
  • NVP - named value pair utilities and management;
  • PROS - process information accessors;
  • PTEXT - parameter text replacement routines;
  • QUIT - controlled clean up of BASh data structures;
  • RES - resource management and utility methods;
  • RW - read/write module for handling record access;
  • SEM - Semaphore management methods;
  • SEQ - flexible sequence number module;
  • SERNO - serial number generation and confirmation methods;
  • STR - string manipulation, formatting, and filtering methods;
  • TIME - Time manipulation methods;
  • TYPE - Variable type comparison methods;
  • URL - URL creation and extraction routines;
  • VAR - Variable utility methods;
  • WORD - manipulators for non-native four-byte values;
  • X4D - XML based record packing and unpacking methods;
  • XML - Extensible Markup Lanugage parsing and retrieval code.

Bold modules are new to the latest release of BASh.
Italic modules have been updated and enhanced in the latest release of BASh.

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