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Developers Everywhere are Talking about Fix Up 4D

See what other 4D developers worldwide are saying about FU4D:

I'm really excited about Fix Up 4D. It's really cool. I attended Thibaud's session at the last summit on hacking 4D, but I never took the time to actually go in and do some hacking on my own. Now I'm inspired. Any cool hacks I come up with, I'll let you know.

Tim Nevels, timnevels@sunflower.com
Innovative Solutions
June 26th, 2002

Great initiative. I am looking for the doc. on how to do it myself!

Jim Dorrance, jim@dorrance.net
June 26th, 2002

Hey, thanks you guys at Deep Sky, these are great little additions to 4D. My only comment, other than how useful this stuff is going to be, is that the splitter in the Explorer doesn't seem to remember it's location if the Explorer gets closed, it's no biggy though, just don't close it.

I also love the subtle naming of this, it says to me, F U 4D, I'll do it myself. But I'm sure you didn't mean it that way. ;-)

Peter Hay, peter@foreground.co.nz
Managing Director, Foreground Software Ltd
June 25th, 2002

This is great! Thanks for making it available.

David Lieb, david_lieb@post.harvard.edu
June 25th, 2002

Thanks for Fix Up 4D (funny how I always think of a different expression when reading "FU4D").

Simon Wright, swright@knowledgesharing.com
Knowledge Sharing, Inc.
June 25th, 2002

The ability to see your entire method name in the Explorer is reason enough to use this tool. Like the other quality programmer tools, you're going to wonder how you worked without it. We've asked 4D for these features year after year, and Deep Sky has delivered for us.

Justin Leavens, jleavens@lizeric.com
Lizeric, Inc.
June 21st, 2002

And it ain't even April 1st...

Steve Hussey, shush@rockisland.com
Editor, Dimensions Magazine
June 22nd, 2002

Great little toy... I am especially impressed with the patched global Find dialog. 4D's own frustrates me all the time, since the dialog defaults to "Expression" which rarely works. I almost always use the "All" option. Thanks for releasing FU4D as gift to the community. Keep up the good work!

Adam Soos, adam@nskinc.com
4D Developer, NSK, Inc.
June 25th, 2002

I love it!

FIND: The ability to call the main Find window by keypress, plus to be able to sort the resulting "found" window (and close it by keypress) are *very* welcome! For me, the only remaining "missing" bit is a way to bring to the front a "found" window that has been covered by another window.

EXPLORER WINDOW: At last!!! The ability to completely see a full length method name, instead of having to guess. The splitter is a *very* welcome addition. I wonder if there is any way to get 4D to remember the width set? (what do you mean "they're never satisfied!" ;-)

Keyboard access to the Database Structure window is a nice touch also. FU4D solves some niggly shortcomings that have existed in the Design enviroment for many years. I hope there are more gems like these up your sleeves...

Keith Goebel, keith.g@clear.net.nz
June 22nd, 2002

This extension will save tons of time for me every day! When I saw how it was written in 4D and how quick he did it, I was wondering why 4DInc wouldn't make this more well known or release extensions that enhance the developer experience. Everybody who uses 4D, should also get FU4D.

Michael Ginsberg, mike@mdg.com
President, MDG Computer Services, Inc.
June 21st, 2002

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