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Fix Up 4D


Fix Up 4D v1.0.1 is available

Fix Up 4D (FU4D) is a set of 4D Extensions which enhance, improve, and correct the 4D development and runtime environment. 4D Extensions allow for the actual 4D environment to be patched, repaired, and improved. FU4D provides a comprehensive basis of individual improvements to the 4D environment which all 4D developers can take advantage of immediately.

Fix Up 4D v1.0.0 - FU4D v1.0.0 is compatible with all products in the 4D v6.7.x product line up through v6.7.3.

Fix Up 4D v1.0.1 - FU4D v1.0.1 is compatible with all products in the 4D product line released as v6.7.4.

The documents included in the FU4D package all work independently of each other and there is no requirement that any combination of them be used at any time. This makes it simple for the developer to choose which improvements in particular benefit development and only install the 4D extension documents in FU4D package which are most useful.

Installing the FU4D package is exceedingly simple. Just drag the items in the 4D Extensions folder within the FU4D archive into the 4D Extensions folder next to your current 4D application. Do not replace the 4D Extensions folder, only add the items in the FU4D archive to the items already in your existing 4D Extensions folder. If you are using any previous versions of the FU4D package, remove those items from your 4D Extensions folder. FU4D works with both 4th Dimension and 4D Client, as long as the FU4D documents are in the 4D Extensions folder next to the currently running 4D based application.


Details functional information for all of the extensions in the FU4D package.

Developers Everywhere are Talking

Feedback and comments we have received for developers worldwide that have used the FU4D package.

How did we do this?

A quick explanation about how exactly the developers at Deep Sky were able to produce the FU4D package.

What are 4D Extensions?

Some background information on 4D extensions and how they relate directly in the 4D product architecture.


Provide your own feedback, feature requests, and bug reports about the FU4D package.

Pricing and Licensing

Complete details on the pricing and licensing requirements for FU4D.

System Requirements

System, platform, and 4D version requirements for using the FU4D package.


Download all of the latest available version for all platforms and environments.

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