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Athenaeums v1.3.0 Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

EIMS Filter Adds Support for Generation of Size Log Archive

Vero Beach, FL - Monday, June 21st, 2004: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of Athenaeums v1.3.0 for MacOS 9 and MacOS X. Athenaeums is an EIMS filter for archiving of standard EIMS log documents, specifically the error log, mail log, sending error log, and console log. This latest release of Athenaeums adds email notification and hierarchical archiving support to the popular EIMS filter.

The new version of Athenaeums is free to all license holders as of June 2004. Any license for Athenaeums valid through the month of January 2004 are free to upgrade to Athenaeums v1.3.0. Upgrade licensing is available for older license holders at 50% off the initial license cost.

Athenaeums v1.3.0 includes a new feature: Size Log. The Size Log document is an archive in a single document of the sizes of rolled log documents. The Size Log document is maintained in a simple tab delimited format for reading and review. Particular problems that may occur in EIMS can be easily noticedc by noting statistical changes in the sizes of the archived log documents as maintained in the Size Log. As well, this new version of Athenaeums supports email notification of errors that occur during the operation of the Athenaeums filter.

When the Athenaeums filter is first installed and EIMS is first launched, the filter will create a preferences document. This preferences document contains default settings for options in the Athenaeums filter. The contents of the preferences document has full documentation for each setting. Each preference avilable for being set in Athenaeums is detailed in the full manual that comes with Athenaeums.

Every night at midnight, the Athenaeums filter will make copies of the log documents maintained by EIMS and set to be archived by Athenaeums. This is done without quitting EIMS or any interruption of EIMS operations. These copies will be placed into directories specified for each type of log document.

Features in Athenaeums

The Athenaeums filter has the following features and options that can be easily customized for individual needs:

  • Full, discrete support for all EIMS log documents, including:
    • Error Log;
    • Mail Log;
    • Sending Error Log;
    • Console Log;
  • Does not interrupt operation of EIMS;
  • No quitting of EIMS application required;
  • Daily archives of each separate log document;
  • Hierarchical archiving of log documents by date;
  • Compatibility with MacOS 9 and MacOS X;
  • Compatibility with EIMS and EIMS X;
  • Customizable archive target directory;
  • Custom archive document names;
  • Customizable hierarchical archiving directories;
  • Settable archive document creator and document types;
  • Email notifications of archive actions;
  • Email notification of error conditions;
  • Maintenance of archived log document statistics (Size Log).

People Are Talking

Here is what just a few of the existing Athenaeums users have had to say:

"I also recommend investing in the Athenaeums filter. It saves the logs every day at 12:00 AM in case you need to go back in time to research a problem. Very helpful."

Greg Lentz, Marin Academy
April 8th, 2004

"Works great. Simple and effective logfile management for EIMS. I haven't had any problems since the early beta."

Scott Bowman, Insync Media
September 2nd, 2003

"There has been a TON of data about our email server that just 'rolled off the top'. Stuff we really need to know. Athenaeums allows us to keep a history of any problems and allows us to answers questions [even] a few days [or more] after someone complains about a lost email."

Michael Ginsberg, MDG Computer Services, Inc.
September 2nd, 2003

Pricing and Availability

The pricing for the different licensing options available for Athenaeums are as follows:

2 CPU License $30.00
5 CPU License $50.00
10 CPU License $80.00

Renewals for Athenaeums licenses are available at a discounted price:

2 CPU License $15.00
5 CPU License $25.00
10 CPU License $40.00

* All prices are in US dollars.

Athenaeums can be licensed directly from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Information about and purchases can be made online at:


About Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

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Steven G. Willis
President, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

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