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Athenaeums v1.0.0b04 Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

EIMS Filter for Archiving EIMS Error Log Document

Vero Beach, FL - Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of Athenaeums v1.0.0b04 for MacOS 9 and MacOS X. Athenaeums is an EIMS filter for archiving of standard EIMS documents, specifically the EIMS error log. This first fully public beta release of Athenaeums is open to all owners of EIMS and EIMS X and is available for use through the month of September, 2003.

When the Athenaeums filter is first installed and EIMS is first launched, the filter will create a preferences documents (entitled Athenaeums_Preferences.txt). This preferences document contains default settings for options in the Athenaeums filter. The contents of the preferences document has full documentation for each setting. Later in this manual is a complete description of every preference for the Athenaeums filter, too.

Every night at midnight (according to the time settings of the machine EIMS is running on), the Athenaeums filter will make a copy of the Error Log document maintained by EIMS. This copy will be placed into a specified directory (by default, it is entitled Athenaeums_Archives next to the EIMS application). The document will be renamed to ErrorLog_yyyymmdd.txt (the document name prefix, document name suffix, document creator, and document type are all configurable in the preferences), where the yyyymmdd will be the numeric date of the archive. The filter will then remove any entries in the document that are not for the archive date of the archived document, resulting in an archive of all entries in the document for the archive date only.

Obviously, to make certain that your archived error logs are complete, you must have the preferences set within EIMS such that the size of the Error Log document maintained by EIMS can contain at least a full day of error log entries. The Athenaeums filter does not log these items continuously throughout the day; rather, the Athenaeums filter just takes what is in the EIMS error log document at the end of the day and removes any entries not for the archived day.

The preferences document contains a serial number for the Athenaeums filter that is valid thru the end of September, 2003. At that time, the Athenaeums filter will stop functioning. By that time, the Athenaeums filter should be fully released and available for purchase.

Features in Athenaeums

The Athenaeums filter has the following features and options that can be easily customized for individual needs:

  • Daily archives of native EIMS error log document;
  • Compatibility with MacOS 9 and MacOS X;
  • Compatibility with EIMS and EIMS X;
  • Customizable archive target directory;
  • Custom archive document names;
  • Settable archive document creator and document types.

People Are Talking

Athenaeums has already been in private beta testing by many users of EIMS. Here is what just a few of them have had to say about Athenaeums:

"Works great. Simple and effective logfile management for EIMS. I haven't had any problems since the early beta."

Scott Bowman, Insync Media
September 2nd, 2003

"There has been a TON of data about our email server that just 'rolled off the top'. Stuff we really need to know. Athenaeums allows us to keep a history of any problems and allows us to answers questions [even] a few days [or more] after someone complains about a lost email."

Michael Ginsberg, MDG Computer Services, Inc.
September 2nd, 2003

Pricing and Availability

The pricing for the different licensing options available for Athenaeums are as follows:

2 CPU License $30.00
5 CPU License $50.00
10 CPU License $80.00

Renewals for Athenaeums licenses are available at a discounted price:

2 CPU License $15.00
5 CPU License $25.00
10 CPU License $40.00

* All prices are in US dollars.

Athenaeums can be licensed directly from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Information about and purchases can be made online at:


About Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

Based in Vero Beach, Florida, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., provides software development, consulting, hosting, and colocation services. Founded in 1997, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., develops and supports a wide variety of software development tools and services to aid in the creation of custom applications and web sites for the Macintosh and Windows platform. For more information, please visit our home page at http://www.deepskytech.com/.

For more information contact:

Steven G. Willis
President, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

You can also join the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., announcement mailing list. Subscriptions can be placed online at:


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