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Active4D Bundled with Internet ToolKit and TCP Server Deux

Leading Web Development Tools at an Unbeatable Price

Vero Beach, FL and Jamaica, NY - Thursday, February 21st, 2002: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., a 4D tools developer, distributor, and hosting firm and Aparajita Fishman, the author of leading 4D developer tools such as QuickCode Pro, ObjectTools, and Active 4D, have entered into an agreement to bundle their popular 4th Dimension developer tools at a reduced price.

Two different bundles are available for 4th Dimension developers to take advantage of: Active4D/TCPsd Server Development Bundle and Active4D/ITK Server Development Bundle.

The Active4D/TCPsd Server Development Bundle bundle combines Active4D's world class power, flexibility and ease of web site development with a robust, multi-threaded web server. TCP Server Deux provides a robust and powerful serving environment in a flexible and easy to install package. The bundle also includes Internet ToolKit to provide a feature packed, cross platform, low level networking layer. The Active4D/TCPsd Server Development Bundle requires 4D v6.7 or above due to its use of components.

The Active4D/TCPsd Server Development Bundle is just right for developers who need the power of Active4D and the robustness of an ITK based server for their web site. With this bundle, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., will even include a developer license for TCP Deux for free! The Active4D/TCPsd Server Development Bundle is best suited for those who must use 4D v6.5, since it does not take advantage of the advanced features provided by the TCPsd component.

"Using these products together -- Active4D and ITK/TCPsd -- is a natural if you want the most powerful, flexible and cost-effective web development platform available," said Aparajita Fishman, author of Active4D. "Real-world experience shows that Active4D saves thousands of dollars of time in a typical web site. Now developers can save even more with these two bundles."

"Leveraging our server tool set with Aparajita's robust A4D scripting environment benefits 4D developers worldwide", said Steven G. Willis, President of Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. "With each of our skills being used to their best purposes, the integration of our individual products makes for the single best web development and deployment environment available to 4D developers." Special bundle pricing is available immediately from www.aparajitaworld.com or the DSTi web site.

About the Tools

Active4D is a fully dynamic server-side embedded scripting language for 4th Dimension which brings the industry-leading functionality of Microsoft's Active Server Pages to the 4D environment, while using the existing 4D data engine, language and command set.

TCP Server Deux is a 4D component that gives the developer a robust, multi-threaded TCP server. Active4D provides sample code to use TCP Server Deux as its web server to get you developing immediately. In addition, TCP Server Deux can manage multiple services concurrently, so additional servers could be written (such as FTP servers) using the solid foundation that TCP Server Deux provides to the 4D developer.

Internet ToolKit is the 4D plugin for all aspects of internet related programming. In addition to providing low level access for TCP and UDP communications, ITK provides additional internet related utilities such as encoding, encryption and decryption, picture handling, interprocess communications, and record manipulation.

TCP Deux is a 4D component which provides cross-platform TCP wrappers for different TCP plugins available for 4th Dimension. The plugins supported within TCP Deux include 4D Internet Commands v6.7.x, Internet ToolKit v2.0.x, and Internet ToolKit v2.5.x, though for use with this bundle ITK v2.5.x is required. Access to TCP Deux opens the 4D developer to the line of client communications components available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.; this includes SMTP Deux and HTTP Client Deux, among others, all free to use and deploy in your 4D based applications.

Pricing and Availability

The Active4D/TCPsd Server Development Bundle, ideal for use with 4D v6.7 and above, includes the following tools:

  • Active4D, Developer License, 1 Year
  • Internet ToolKit Pro v2.5, Developer License, 1 Year
    (includes 10 deployments)
  • TCP Deux, Developer License, 1 Year
    (includes 10 deployments)
  • TCP Server Deux, Developer License, 1 Year
    (includes 1 deployment)

The Active4D/ITK Server Development Bundle, ideal for use with 4D v6.5, includes the following tools:

  • Active4D, Developer License, 1 Year
  • Internet ToolKit Pro v2.5, Developer License, 1 Year
    (includes 10 deployments)
  • TCP Deux, Developer License, 1 Year
    (includes 10 deployments)

Pricing for each of the bundles, a savings of 15% off normal retail pricing, is as follows:

A4D/TCPsd Server Dev. Bundle $595.00
A4D/ITK Server Dev. Bundle $445.00

* All prices are in US dollars.

Purchases can be placed online immediately at the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., web site:


Follow the Products link to find details on the bundles and to place your order. Or, go directly to the bundle pages located at:




About Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

Based in Vero Beach, Florida, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., provides software development, consulting, hosting, and colocation services. Founded in 1997, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., develops and supports a wide variety of software development tools and services to aid in the creation of custom applications and web sites for the Macintosh and Windows platform. For more information, please visit our home page at:


About Aparajita Fishman

Based in New York City, Aparajita Fishman provides software development and consulting services, in addition to running The Oneness-Fountain-Heart, a gourmet vegetarian restaurant voted best in Queens. Aparajita has been writing world-class tools for 4D developers since 1989, when he released Easy4D, one of the first development shells for 4D. In addition to Active4D, Aparajita also authored and sells QuickCode Pro (an editor enhancement) and ObjectTools (a plugin which provides vastly improved BLOB-type data storage). For more information, please visit Aparajita's web site at http://www.aparajitaworld.com/ .

For more information contact:

Steven G. Willis
President, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

You can also join the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., announcement mailing list. Subscriptions can be placed online at:


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Active4D, ObjectTools and QuickCode Pro are copyright Victory-Heart Productions.

BASh, TCP Deux, SMTP Deux, POP3 Deux, FTP Client Deux, HTTP Client Deux, eTrans, TCP Server Deux, and HTTP Server Deux are copyright Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.


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