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HTTP Server Deux, Public Beta, Released by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

Public Beta of New 4th Dimension Component

Vero Beach, FL - Friday, October 12th, 2001: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of the first public beta of HTTP Server Deux for Macintosh and Windows. HTTP Server Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a cross-platform, flexible web server. HTTP Server Deux gives 4D developers all of the parsing, formatting, and utility routines needed, smoothly integrated with the TCP Server Deux component, in a small and easily understood component package. HTTP Server Deux works on top of TCP Server Deux, TCP Deux, and BASh and works with Internet ToolKit v2.0.x and Internet ToolKit v2.5.x.

HTTP Server Deux provides complete request parsing functionality. All variants of HTTP requests are parsed automatically by the HTTP Server Deux component. All values within the HTTP request are available to the 4D developer with simple to use accessor routines. Handling of posted arguments, uploaded documents, custom request headers, etc., are all handled properly by the HTTP Server Deux component.

The generation of a proper HTTP response, including proper headers, is handled by the HTTP Server Deux component. Merely setting the HTTP response code is often enough to send back a properly formatted HTTP response header. Access to customize any and all of the response header values is available through a set of simple and flexible accessor methods. Customizing the response header can be done as much as needed or desired by the 4D developer. HTTP Server Deux merely provides a framework to simplify the process for the 4D developer.

As well, all parsing and handling of values has been done with BLOBs, so there are no instances of 32K limits within the HTTP Server Deux component. This holds through the response generation routines made available through the HTTP Server Deux component, too.

A full manual, explaining every call and feature available in HTTP Server Deux, is included with the component.

"HTTP Server Deux provides the first step of end protocol servers for our line of 4D components", said Steven G. Willis, President, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. "HTTP Server Deux provides a strong basis for us to add additional automation and convenience functionality into a robust web server for 4D developers. No longer will developers be limitted by the constraints or idiosynscrasies of other web servers currently available in 4D. With HTTP Server Deux, all of the limits and annoyances are removed and 4D developers can now enjoy all of the power of a proper, custom written web server in 4D."

The beta, officially called v1.0.0b01, for HTTP Server Deux is open to the public. The eTrans beta archive contains serialization for using the component through the end of October 2001. A full manual, explaining every call and feature available in eTrans, is included with the component.

Pricing and Availability

HTTP Server Deux will be released commercially with separate development and deployment licensing. Development licensing will include all updates released within a year of purchase for free and allows for unlimited development by a single developer for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Renewals of the development license will be provided at a discounted price. Deployment licensing is a one time fee per application which will allow deployments to run for an indefinite period of time.

The pricing for the different options available for purchasing HTTP Server Deux are as follows:

Developer License, 1 year (includes 1 deployment) $195.00
Developer License, 1 year extension $95.00
Deployment License, 1 pack $195.00
Deployment License, 5 pack $795.00
Deployment License, 10 pack $1295.00

* All prices are in US dollars.

The HTTP Server Deux component can be purchased directly from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. Purchases can be made directly online at:


The HTTP Server Deux component can be downloaded by following the Downloads link on the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., web site, located at:


About Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

Based in Vero Beach, Florida, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., provides software development, consulting, hosting, and colocation services. Founded in 1997, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., develops and supports a wide variety of software development tools and services to aid in the creation of custom applications and web sites for the Macintosh and Windows platform. For more information, please visit our home page at http://www.deepskytech.com/.

For more information contact:

Steven G. Willis
President, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.
(561) 794-9494

You can also join the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., announcement mailing list. Subscriptions can be placed online at:


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