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Internet ToolKit v2.5 July Fireworks Special Almost Over

Receive Up to 30% Off ITK v2.5 During July

Wednesday, July 25th, 2001: Internet ToolKit, the premiere TCP, UDP, encryption, and utility plugin for the award winning 4th Dimension development environment, is being offered for significant discounts during the month of July. New purchasers of ITK v2.5 receive 15% off the regular sale price; owners of ITK v2.0 receive 30% off all developer licenses for ITK v2.5.

The special pricing for ITK v2.5 new purchases and upgrade purchases will be ending within the next week. Don't miss out on this special opporunity to the latest release of this fabulous 4D plugin.

About ITK v2.5

A total of 15 new commands have been added in ITK v2.5. Existing commands have also been enhanced to offer more control to the developer. ITK v2.5 supports SSLv2, SSLv3 and TLSv1 thanks to the OpenSSL library which is used by major products like the SSL version of Apache and v6.7 of 4D. ITK v2.5 also includes new features like cryptography and data compression to provide protection of sensitive data and optimize bandwidth usage.

Additionally, ITK v2.5 features:

  • Provides access to low-level TCP/IP using MacTCP, OpenTransport or Winsock;
  • Implements secured connections using SSLv2, SSLv3 or TLSv1 protocols;
  • Allows access to low-level UDP;
  • Supports GIF encoding with interlace, transparency and resize;
  • Convert data into standard Internet formats (text, pictures, files, dates);
  • Allows implementation of server replication over TCP/IP with 4D record and BLOB conversion routines;
  • Gives access to DNS (name to IP and IP to name, with DNS load balancing);
  • Uses standard crytography algorithms to protect data;
  • Uses data compression to reduce transmission times and optimize bandwidth usage;
  • Coding/decoding routines to handle UUENCODE, Quoted Printable and Base64;
  • Utilities commands including reading and saving pictures,opening files in read only, translation of BLOBs to pictures and vice versa;
  • Cryptography support: Digest and ROT13;
  • ICMP Echo: ping any host;
  • And much more!

About Christian Quest

Christian Quest is the original and sole developer of Internet ToolKit. Mr. Quest has also authored other 4D plugins, including Serial ToolKit and Stuff ToolKit. Information about Internet ToolKit can be found at:



In Europe:


In North America:

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

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