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Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., Authorized Distributor for Internet Toolkit v2.5

Vero Beach, FL - Wednesday, April 11th, 2001: Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the immediately availability of Internet ToolKit v2.5. As a new, authorized distributor for ITK v2.5 worldwide, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., is offering immediate sales and support services for the newest release of the popular 4D plugin.

Soft Solutions, Inc., the previous distributor for North America, will no longer be distributing Internet ToolKit, Serial ToolKit, or Stuff ToolKit. Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., will be supporting all existing and new customers of the popular line of 4th Dimension plugins available from Christian Quest.

"We have been very pleased to have had the opportunity to distribute and support Christian's products", said Tim Haratine, President of Soft Solutions, Inc. "Soft Solutions would like to thank Christian for our long relationship and for making such support free product offerings. We are confident that Deep Sky Technologies will be able to maintain the high degree of quality which should be maintained with Christian's products. And, we look forward to concentrating more of our efforts on our core product offerings, especially our vertical market applications and the recently acquired 4-Sight Fax software."

A total of 15 new commands have been added in this new version of ITK and existing commands have been enhanced to offer more control to developers.

ITK v2.5 supports SSL v2, SSL v3, and TLS v1 thanks to the OpenSSL library which is used by major products like the SSL version of Apache and v6.7 of 4D.

"This long awaited feature has been one of the most requested since the very first version of ITK back in 1995, and I'm pleased to provide it simultaneously on both MacOS and Windows. The beta test program has shown that the transition to SSL is as transparent as possible for existing code that's using ITK. ITK v2.5 allows 4D to be a major cross-platform player in the growing eCommerce and secure communications market", said Christian Quest, author of ITK.

ITK v2.5 also includes new features for cryptography and data compression to facilitate the protection of sensitive data and optimize bandwidth usage.

ITK v2.5 is available under a new license based on a yearly subscription with additionnal deployment licenses.

"We are very pleased to have become a distributor for ITK v2.5", said Steven G. Willis, President of Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. "We have been using ITK v2.5 throughout the year long beta cycle and have been very impressed with its stability and reliability. We are certain that our sales and support services for this leading 4D plugin will be unsurpassed in the 4D community."

Internet ToolKit v2.5 Features

  • Provides access to low-level TCP/IP using MacTCP, OpenTransport or Winsock;
  • Implements secured connections using SSLv2, SSLv3 or TLSv1 protocols;
  • Allows access to low-level UDP;
  • Supports GIF encoding with interlace, transparency and resize;
  • Convert data into standard Internet formats (text, pictures, files, dates);
  • Allows implementation of server replication over TCP/IP with 4D record and BLOB conversion routines;
  • Gives access to DNS (name to IP and IP to name, with DNS load balancing);
  • Uses standard crytography algorithms to protect data;
  • Uses data compression to reduce transmission times and optimize bandwidth usage;
  • Coding/decoding routines to handle UUENCODE, Quoted Printable and Base64;
  • Utilities commands including reading and saving pictures,opening files in read only, translation of BLOBs to pictures and vice versa;
  • Cryptography support: Digest and ROT13;
  • ICMP Echo: ping any host;
  • And much more!

ITK 2.5 Licensing

Internet ToolKit is using a new kind of "no-hassle" license.

The new licensing for ITK v2.5 retains the good points in the classic "no-hassle" license and remove many, if not all, of the bad points.

Internet ToolKit development licensing is based on a yearly subscription. A development license is purchased for one year and renewed every year which development continues. This covers, at least, the costs relating to technical support and all product maintenance and updates available during the subscription year.

Deployment licensing is also available for deployment of 4D based applications. Purchase of the development license includes 10 deployment licenses. For deployment of more than 10 installations of your 4D based application, additional deployment licenses are available at a reduced price.

Internet ToolKit licensing is now cross-platform. You do not need to get a license for MacOS and a separate license for Windows. A single license covers both platforms!


You develop your application alone and will deploy it on ten (10) machines: you simply need one developer subscription, which already includes ten (10) deployment licenses.

Your company contains two developpers working on your application, and will deploy it on 40 machines: you need two (2) developer subscriptions (one per developer), and need a 25 deployment license in addition to the ten (10) deployments included in each subscriptions (you will end up with 45 deployment licenses).

You are one (1) developer deploying five (5) SSL enabled servers. You will need one developer pro subscription and five (5) SSL server deployment licenses.

If you have any questions about what licensing is required for your particular situation, more details are available through the ITK product page located on the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., web site at:


Pricing and Availability

Sales for ITK v2.5 are available immediately on the Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., web site. Online sales are fully supported through a simple, easy to use, secure payment system. Order your copies of ITK v2.5. today!

Development Licenses
ITK Light, 1 Year; includes 10 Deployment Licenses $225.00 Buy Now
ITK Pro, 1 Year; includes 10 Deployment Licenses $395.00 Buy Now
Deployment Licenses
ITK Light, 25 Deployment Licenses $225.00 Buy Now
ITK Light, 100 Deployment Licenses $675.00 Buy Now
ITK Pro, 25 Deployment Licenses $395.00 Buy Now
ITK Pro, 100 Deployment Licenses $1,185.00 Buy Now
ITK, SSL Server, 1 License (for Development or Deployment) $225.00 Buy Now
ITK, SSL Server, 10 Licenses (for Development or Deployment) $1,450.00 Buy Now

If you have any questions about what licensing is required for your particular situation, feel free to visit the Contact Us page to reach the friendly sales representatives at Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., located at:


Note: OEM, site and licensing requirements in excess of 100 deployments are also available. Contact the friendly sales representatives at Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., to go over your exact needs and to structure a licensing contract that will work best for your needs.

About Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

Based in Vero Beach, Florida, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., provides software development, consulting, hosting, and colocation services. Founded in 1997, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., develops and supports a wide variety of software development tools and services to aid in the creation of custom applications and web sites for the Macintosh and Windows platform. For more information, please visit our home page at http://www.deepskytech.com/.

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 6897
Vero Beach, FL 32961-6897
(561) 794-9494

About Soft Solutions, Inc.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Soft Solutions, Inc. develops industry focused applications as well as 4th Dimension plug-ins in support of their industry focused applications.

Soft Solutions, Inc.
2900 Chamblee Tucker Road
Building 12 Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30341
(770) 457-9400

For more information contact:

Steven G. Willis
President, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.
(561) 794-9494

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