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Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., unveils simplest e-commerce solution: Store-Secure.com

Friday, January 21st, 2000: The Store-Secure.com OnLine Shopping (OLS) system promises to be the easiest e-commerce system to integrate into any web site. No programming is required, and no specialized applications are needed to provide a full e-commerce solution for any web site.

The innovative Store-Secure.com e-commerce solution became publicly available on January 10th, 2000. It received glowing acceptance through its two month beta period prior to public availability. Companies such as Poinsettia Groves, Inc., Greens+, Connect Telecom, Inc., and The Mercenary Missileer successfully implemented the system in a matter of minutes and have been using it successfully throughout the beta cycle.

For more information on this exciting new e-commerce solution, send email to webmaster@store-secure.com or visit the Store-Secure.com web site at http://www.Store-Secure.com.

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