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Use Plain Text Email Only

HTML is for the web; and, email is not the web. HTML in email opens up scripting security problems for many recipients. Furthermore, HTML is unreadable, bulky gibberish for many email recipients. You should avoid sending HTML messages at al times.

Consider the nature of mailing lists. Simply do not send HTML posts on mailing lists. Doing so is considered highly rude. HTML bulks up the posting unnecessarily, plus is unreadable by the majority of recipients. The best advice: just do not do it.

Do not post HTML email, RichText (RTF) mails, stylized text attributes, or other formats that might be opaque to text only email clients. That means no HTML code (except for standard web links, i.e. URLs), no colored text, no font substitutions, or any other text or paragraph attributes. Use blank lines to separate paragraphs.

Using stylized text, HTML, or Rich Text (RTF) causes problems for the list server. They tend to corrupt the list digests as well as the list archives.

In most instances, HTML email is actually sent by email client software as attachments. And, as everyone knows, sending attachments of any type to a mailing list is considered very rude and disrespectful. For some email client software that can view only plain text email, HTML email may even display as the source HTML, with all of the tags and formatting language of the HTML; this makes the email practically unreadable for those recipients.

Most importantly, HTML email is a serious security risk to every member of a mailing list (and, to every recipient that receives such messages, regardless of whether on a mailing list or not).

Your readers will have an easier time of it, and be more inclined to view your posts in a positive frame of mind, if you avoid sending HTML messages.

Every email client software available has options (preferences, settings) to send email as plain text only. Make certain your email client software is configured to send email as such, as plain text only. It is even good security practice to set your email client software to not even display HTML email that you receive; quite often there are options in email client software to display the textual portions only of email you have received and are viewing.

For those more technically oriented, use ASCII or ISO-8859 text only for all messages.

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