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Take Discussions Off List... When Appropriate

Sometimes it is appropriate to take discussions off list (i.e. to email individuals directly rather than on a mailing list). For example, if the topic strays from the original topic to something beyond the scope of the mailing list, or if the original post asks for "direct" replies, or if the discussion starts to become more personal, do not reply to the list. Grab the email address of the one who made the post and email them directly.

If you are posting an email to which you prefer direct replies, be sure to include your email address in the text of your reply to make it easier for those responding.

Taking discussions off list when it is no longer appropriate to a mailing list is the courteous thing to do. When replying to a post, replies are automatically directed back to the mailing list. If you want to email someone directly, copy their email address from their post and paste it in place the mailing list address when addressing your reply.

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