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Further Reading

Mailing Lists

Email in General


  • Business Netiquette International - Discusses proper procedures for composing and sending business-related e-mail messages, especially in an international context.
  • Guide to Flaming - Provides an explanation and introduction to the topic, as well as how to respond to, and deal with, flames.
  • How to Handle a Troll - Offers an explanation of this phenomena, as well as advice on how to respond.
  • Internet Netiquette - Gives a summary of the important points of e-mail, mailing list, USENET, and chat etiquette.
  • The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette - A comprehensive guide to all aspects of electronic communication, including Telnet and FTP. A question and answer section is also given.
  • Net-Ethiquette Cases - A lengthy list of poor or abusive practices on the Internet which are to be avoided.
  • Netiquette Guidelines - This is the full text of RFC 1855, which is the unofficial standard work on electronic etiquette.
  • Netiquette Home Page - Gives a description of the main rules of online etiquette. A quiz, mailing list, and ordering information for an etiquette book are also provided.
  • Networking on the Net - An article on professionalism, ethics and courtesy on the Internet, with special reference to e-mail, bulletin board, and chat communications (January, 1998).

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