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Be Professional and Courteous

Mailing lists are made up of members from particular communities interest in some common topic, so keep a professional tone.

Email which may be deemed as offensive or include too much negativity, is not acceptable; such email often reflects more negatively on the author of the message than anyone else. Gripes, conflicts and moderately heated discussions are welcome, as long as they are delivered in a professional tone and argued constructively.

Do not type in upper case as that is construed as SHOUTING!

Remember also that contributions on this list are strictly voluntary. Members post at their own convenience and help out of generosity. No one is expected to help anyone else beyond reason. Please be respectful of your fellow list members' time. Before asking for help, try to find the answers yourself. When you do ask, include what you have already tried so people do not waste time repeating what you have already thought of.

The tone of posts affect the attitudes of all members. Constructive and courteous posts encourage more participation, while excessive negativity, offensive language, and unreasonable demands tend to drag down the list and send members away.

A positive and professional list is comprised of positive and professional list members, including you!

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