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Mailing List Etiquette

Membership on a mailing list is voluntary for every single list member. People join mailing lists to learn, to hear new ideas and opinions, and to keep up to date on events and issues. Most importantly, mailing lists are used to communicate simply and easily between many people on a common topic.

The success and popularity of a mailing list depends solely on the professionalism of list members. This includes not just the content of what is being contributed, but also how the content is presented. It is not uncommon for poorly formatted, contrived, or presented messages on a mailing list to be just plain ignored by other list members.

Towards this end, this consolidation of "Mailing List Etiquette", the best practices for successfully communicating in email and particularly on mailing lists, is made available for you. It is highly recommended that everyone read all of the items presented here. They have been culled from years of experience of many developers and comprise what is considered common best practices when communicating through email.

Etiquette Topics

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