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4th Dimension

4th Dimension (4D), one ot the most flexible and reliable development environments available today, has plenty of online resources available for developers:

Online Programming: HTML, JavaScript, etc.

HTML, JavaScript, Java, and anything else that relates directly to online programming. The best parts are all of the online compendiums and language dictionaries, essential to any programmer:

Interface and Usability

All software should be designed with the end user in mind. Unfortunately, there are very few sites that deal directly with interface and usability. And, even fewer that are even worth visiting. Luckily, we have found a couple that are excellent and more than worth the time to visit:

Miscellaneous Programming and Online Resources

4th Dimension and HTML is not enough to get by for a modern developer. Knowledge of multiple languages is pretty much a requirement to attain any degree of success as a developer:

Marketing Online

Designing, building, and launching a web site is only the beginning. Like any other brick and mortar store front, your online store front must be marketed as well:


Marketing, design, development, and deployment partners are vital to the success of any modern high technology business. We keep the list used at Deep Sky Tech. short and sweet:

Electronic Media

Images, sounds, animated graphics, background art, etc. It is all available online if you know where to look:

Software & Cross Platform Combatibility

Tracking software and staying current with the latest updates is a daunting task for any organization. Providing cross-platform solutions, though maturing for over a decade now, is still an industry in its infancy. The following links can help immeasurably in these endeavors:

Local: Indian River County, Florida

Of course, there can't be a Links page with a few local points of interest which can be viewed online:

Florida Attractions

We can't have a links page without a few links to attractions in our beautiful state of Florida:

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