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Internet Explorer v5.x - File Mapping Setup

This page was done using Internet Explorer v5.0, running in classic on MacOS X.

In order to set up Internet Explorer v5.x to save PDF files, follow these instructions:

1. Click on Edit, then Preferences

2. On the left side of the window, select File Helpers

3. Scroll down the field on the right and look for "Portable Document Format". If it exist, click on it, push the Change... button, and go to the next step. If it does not exist, click the Add... button.

4. If you clicked Add... in the previous step, you will need to enter in the information under Representation as show below. Click Browse... in the File Type area and look for your copy of the Acrobat Reader. Finally, make sure that in Handling it is set to "Save To File."

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