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Microsoft Outlook Express v4.5.x (Mac) - Account Setup

If you're having difficulty setting up your email account with Outlook Express version 4.5.x, follow these instructions:

The following example is illustrated using Outlook Express v4.5.0.

Select Edit...Preferences

Screen Shot 1

The following screen may pop up:

Screen Shot 2

Enter an appropriate name for the account (see table below) and make sure the Account type is set to POP.

This should be done before moving on to the Preferences window, so if the Preferences window comes up instead, simply access this window by clicking on the New Account... button.

If the previous (New Account) window does not come up, the following (Preferences) window will:

Screen Shot 3

Once the account type information is established in the New Account window, enter the following information into the Preferences window:

Full Name Your (real) name goes here
E-mail address Your email address is username@yourdomain.com
SMTP server Your SMTP server is yourdomain.com
Account ID Your POP3 Account ID is username%yourdomain.com
POP Server Your POP3 server is mail.deepskytech.com
Password Your password is personally given to you
Account Name The account name needs only to be a name by which you will recognize this account (e.g. My Deep Sky Account)

Click OK to save these settings. You can now send and receive email with your Deep Sky account.

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