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Mulberry v2.x - 3.x (Mac) - Account Setup

If you're having difficulty setting up your email account with Mulberry version 2.x -3.x, follow these instructions:

The following example is illustrated using Mulberry v3.0.3 on the MacOS X.

Select Mulberry or File (MacOS 9)...Preferences

Screen Shot 1

This will open the following window:

Screen Shot 2

Make sure that the Simple option is selected and fill in the following information:

Real Name Put your full name here
Email Address Your email address is username@yourdomain.com
User ID Your POP3 Account ID is username%yourdomain.com
Mail Server Your POP3 Server is mail.deepskytech.com
Server Type Your server type is POP3
SMTP Server Your SMTP server is yourdomain.com

Once you enter this information, click the advanced button on the right-hand side. The window will look as follows:

Screen Shot 3

Make sure the Authentication tab is selected and change the Method to CRAM-MD5; your User ID is username%yourdomain.com.

Click on OK to save these settings. You can now send and receive email with your Deep Sky account.

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