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Mail v1.x - MacOS X - Account Setup

If you're having difficulty setting up Mail version 1.x for use with your Deep Sky email account, follow these instructions.

The following example is illustrated using Mail v1.2.5.

Select Preferences... from the Mail menu:

Screen Shot 1

This will open the following window:

Screen Shot 2

Click on the Add Account button. This will open a new account window:

Screen Shot 3

Fill in the following information:

Account Type From the pull-down menu select POP Account
Description Any name you choose for this mailbox (e.g. My Deep Sky Account)
Email Address Your email address is username@yourdomain.com
Full Name Your real name goes here
Incoming Mail Server Your POP3 server is mail.deepskytech.com
User name Your POP3 Account ID is username%yourdomain.com
Password Your password is personally given to you
Outgoing Mail Server Your Outgoing Mail Server is yourdomain.com

Your Outgoing Mail Server probably is not yet configured so click the pull-down button and select Add Server...

Screen Shot 4

In the Outgoing Server Box: enter yourdomain.com.

Click on the pull-down for Authentication: and select MD5 Challenge-Response.

Enter your user name and password from above.

Click OK to close the window and roll back to the previous window. Click on the Advanced tab:

Screen Shot 5

If your settings do not match the information above, make sure they do, taking notice of the setting for Remove copy from server after retrieving a message.

NOTE: Once your email client pulls the message from the server, regardless of what may be selected here, the message is immediately and automatically deleted from the server.

Click OK and your screen should look like this, only with your account being the one in the Description box.

Screen Shot 6

Exit out of this window; you can now send and receive email with your Deep Sky account.

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