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Plugins for 4th Dimension Programmers

DynamicStructure v1.1.2 - The downloadable archives for DynamicStructure v1.x are provided in both Macintosh (MacOS 8/9 and MacOS X) and Windows formats, for your convenience. Both formats include copies of the DynamicStructure v1.x plugin ready for use on either platform.

Internet ToolKit v2.6.1 - 4D plugin that provides TCP and UDP layer communnication access from directly within 4D. The version 2.5.x/2.6.x releases adds full, cross platform support for SSL encryption for all TCP communications. The version v2.6.0 release and above adds full support for Mac OS X and 4D v6.8.x and above under Carbon.

Serial ToolKit X v1.0.0 - 4D plugin that allows developers direct and complete access to serial ports under MacOS X. The downloadable archive for Serial ToolKit X v1.x is provided in Macintosh format, for your convenience. The archive includes copies of the Serial ToolKit X v1.x plugin ready for use and a complete PDF manual for the plugin.

Serial ToolKit v1.0.3 - 4D plug-in which provides complete access to the serial port, a vast improvement over the native functionality available in 4D's programming language.

Stuff ToolKit v1.1 - plug-in that provides procedural access to Aladdin Systems Stuffit Engine directly from within the 4th Dimension programming language. Stuff ToolKit is a replacement to Stuff4D, a defunct product originally published by Foresight Techonologies.

More information, including licensing and purchasing, for all of these plugins is available through the Products page of this web site.

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