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Mailsmith v1.x

This is a script to report a selected message, group of messages, or open message as spam by creating, from the active account, a new message addressed to abuse@deepskytech.com including the content (with the long header) and subject line of the spam message. Then the message is queued, the new message is sent the next time a connection is made.

Click here to download Spam-Reporting Scripts for Mailsmith v1.x

The following example was done using Mailsmith v1.5.4 on MacOS X.

Step-by-step instructions for installation.

To install this script with Mailsmith v1.x, follow these instructions.

Drag the script from the desktop into the following folder:

Applications --> Mailsmith --> Mailsmith Support --> Scripts

As illustrated below:

When installing the script, Mailsmith should not be running.


After the script has been put in the proper folder, go ahead and launch Mailsmith. Choose the script form the menu bar. You should see the spam script right there! As seen in the below picture.


Select the spam messages in the listing window that you want to report as spam, then run the script. You can also run the scrip when the spam message is open.

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