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AS/400 Consulting

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. has a successful track record managing, developing and deploying a wide variety of IT and online projects worldwide. Deep Sky Tech.'s team has practical business knowledge and experience that is directly applicable to your needs. This allows Deep Sky Tech to provide benefit to your business immediately by determining feasibility and converting an initial user requirement into a practical design. All projects are developed to the most stringent of standards in agreement with and expressly for your business needs.

With an increasing frequency, businesses rely on disparate systems to serve their operation needs. It is essential to increase efficiency and reduce duplication of effort, that these systems are able to 'talk to each other' seamlessly. For instance, your inventory system should communicate with your web site in real time and your shipping systems should communicate directly with your order information systems. Deep Sky Tech.'s practical skills and knowledge encompass many such interface projects with extensive practical usage experience in communications protocols, network and online technologies, and integration of back office systems.

In today's rapidly changing IT environment, Deep Sky Tech.'s skilled team is in the vanguard of some of today's leading technologies and methodologies. Deep Sky Tech is in a unique position to offer internet and intranet development and deployment solutions for microcomputers and midrange computers to suit your unique requirements.

Deep Sky Tech.'s midrange personnel have years of experience in management, analysis, design and development on Mid-Range computers with a special emphasis on the AS/400. This experience covers several different areas including the design, coding and implementation of business applications, modernization of legacy systems, installation (including conversions) of large software systems, project management and the development of standards, tools and utilities for IT departments. In addition and perhaps more important to the current state of technology, we have experience in integrating multiple systems with the AS/400 including both on-line and back-end systems.

AS/400 Consulting Outline

As/400 Programing Languages & Programing Utilities

  • CL, CLP and CLLE
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • XML
  • PDM (Program Development Manager)
  • SDA (Report Layout Utility)
  • DFU (Data File Utility)
  • RLU (Report Layout Utility)
  • Query Management


Project Management
Deep Sky Tech.'s can provide you with project management. We can define the scope of the project as well as help in planning each phase of the project including the Design, development testing, implementation, documentation and training. We can, as well, provide management of internal technical teams and coordinate user and technical issue resolutions.

Information and systems planning and implementation
Deep Sky Tech can help you meet your goals by providing analysis of your existing business strategy, systems and operations. We will help define both the short and long term solutions that will help you meet these goals and create a plan that will lay out the high-level requirements, high-level design, and the application , process and project structures. Finally, Deep Sky Tech can help you put this plan in place by implementing the applications and process architectures.

Systems interface and integration
Deep Sky Tech.'s experience in multi-system environments can help you integrate your disparate systems into a workable whole that will help streamline processes and in many cases eliminate man-hours. Implementation of event driven e-mail notifications, bar coding and the use of RF hand-held units in warehouse environments are just a few of the ways that we can bring value to your company.

Solution re engineering
Deep Sky Tech can help you think out or rethink certain segments of your business and design a solution specifically geared to your business and its unique needs. Or, we can help you evaluate the software solutions currently available on the market and take you through the installation, data migration and implementation of these solutions.

Web application development/e-business solutions
Deep Sky Tech can help bring your business on-line. We have the experience to provide you with real, workable solutions that allow you to bring data from your website directly into your back-end system and data from the back-end system directly to your on-line applications.

Services Outline

Project Management

  • Define project scope
  • Plan each phase: Design, development, testing, training, documentation, and implementation
  • Generate and maintain project schedule documents
  • Track and report tasks, resources, and work
  • Develop project standards and procedures
  • Lead technical specifications
  • Coordinate user and technical issue resolution
  • Manage post-implementation support

Information and systems planning

  • Analyze existing business strategy, systems, and operations.
    • Analyze and identify short and long term solutions.
  • Define The Solutions
    • Define high-level requirements
    • Define high-level design
  • Develop the Plan
    • Develop Application structure
    • Develop Process structure
    • Develop Project structure
  • Implement the Plan
    • Implement Application architecture
    • Implement Process architecture

System design, development, and implementation

Systems interface and integration

  • Event driven e-mail notifications
  • RF/Hand held unit processing

Solution re engineering

  • Software migration and data conversion

Web application development/e-business solutions

  • Back-end processes for automatic integration of web information
  • CRM and ER

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