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Established in 1997, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., provides custom database development, network support, hosting solutions, and e-commerce services.

Our custom application development services are available for both the Windows (95, 98, 2000, and NT) and MacOS environments. All of our deployed applications are fully cross-platform, filling the gap for mixed environment companies in today's modern business world. Custom integration and networkability across local networks and wide area networks, including the Internet, are also standard features of all of Deep Sky Tech.'s solutions. Our custom developed applications have been used in all areas of business, including manufacturing, actuarial, medical, government, and service industries.

Our hosting solutions are at an unmatched level of reliability, support, and service for all of our clients. Offering solutions for all levels of hosting needs, from the smallest personal web site to the largest e-commerce and direct market service applications, Deep Sky Tech. always provides full time monitoring, support, and service for all of our clients. And, even with the superb level of personal attention afforded to each client, our rates are still some of the lowest in the industry.

Our e-commerce solutions have become known as one of the easiest to use and integrate. Through our automated Store-Secure.com service, web sites of any size and complexity can quickly and easily provided a complete e-commerce solution with a minimal level of development costs. In fact, most clients are able to implement full support in well under an hour (no exaggeration).

All of our services cover the full development cycle, from project conception and specification, to needs analyis, design, development, and deployment. Full installation, support, and training services are commonly included in all of our project work.

For more information on the services offered by Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., contact us at any time. We are more than willing to help you with any of your needs.

Employment Opportunities

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., is always looking for the most skilled and experienced individuals who are enthusiastic to work in a relaxed, but highly professional, business environment. Deep Sky Tech. employs only the best. Skills and qualifications which we continually have a need for include:

  • 4th Dimension
  • RealBASIC
  • C/C++/oC (Powerplant)
  • Web Development (HTML, JavaScript, and Java)
  • SQL (Oracle)

We offer competitive compensation packages and a unique work environment. As well, we are located in beautiful Vero Beach, Florida.

If you think you are a leader in your field of expertise and are enthusiastic about working with the best, contact us about possible employment with Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

RMX (Reverse MX)

This document supports and encourages the adoption of Hadmut Danisch's RMX resource records for DNS. RMX records are intended to make email forgery difficult by providing a mechanism for a domain owner to list all mail servers authorized to send email on behalf of his or her domain name. They eliminate the most serious drawback of SMTP - the meaningless From: header - without breaking any core internet protocols.

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