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October Meeting

Saturday, October 27th, 2001
11:00 AM eastern

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.
625 39th Court SW
Vero Beach, FL

Click here for driving directions.

For more information, email
Steven G. Willis at sgwillis@deepskytech.com.

Featured Speaker: Brendan Coveney, President, 4D, Inc.

Brendan will be going over the exciting new products in the 4D product line, including details on the recently released WebSTAR V web server suite. As always, Brendan will be available for direct feedback about all of the offerings from 4D. And, who knows what upcoming products he may give attendees the inside scoop on...


Due to the proximity of this meeting to the 4D Summit 2001 in Orlando, 4D FLA will be welcoming attendees from all around the world. Confirmed for attendence already at this "post Summit" meeting are:

  • David Adams, author of "The 4D Web Companion" and "Programming 4th Dimension"
  • Keith Goebel, renowned stick figure and "Synch-God" incarnate
  • Steve Hussey, publisher of "Dimensions Magazine"
  • John Macrae, "The Scottish Terror" of the 4D world

With the 4D Summit finising up mere hours before the 4D FLA meeting, this meeting is obviously open to all members of the 4D community that wish to attend. Who knows what other prominent members may show...


11:00 : Pre-meeting socializing
11:30 : Call to order
             Introductions of all attendees
             Announcements from attendees
11:45 : Presentation, Brendan Coveney, "4D Conquers the World"
12:15 : General Q & A Session
12:30 : Meeting loses organization and structure
12:30 - ? : More socializing, maybe a food fight with the shrimp dip...


As always, Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., will be providing food and drinks for all attendees. With the possibility that this meeting could "overflow" the capacity of our location, we do ask that you give us a "yes I will be coming" email so that we know approximately how many people will be attending. As always, we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!